January 30, 2024

More in 2024: More of God’s Plans and Purposes For You and The Word of the Year (Episode # 461)

As we embark on the new year, Dr. Karen shares her words of gratitude from both a business and personal perspective. She is thankful for her family members, new and old, and for clients who are committed to creating positive, profitable, and powerful workplace cultures and environments. Dr. Karen also shares her business visibility objectives and a template for planning the year.

Listen to this episode to hear Dr. Karen unveil “The Word of the Year” and its Biblical context. This year’s Word is a catalyst word that begins a Trifecta of benefits. The Word is rooted in the foundation of the past words of Vision, Impact, Abundance, and Possibilities. So, what is the Word? Tune in and Discover!

Start your new year in a conversation with Dr. Karen: Dr.Karen@transleadership.com


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