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September 27, 2022

Pastor Canisius Gacura: Live Your Unlimited Destiny

Pastor Canisius Gacura is the senior pastor of Nyabugingo Worship Center in Rwanda, Africa, and the author of two books, “Unlimited: Conquering on My Knees” and “Discover Your Destiny: And Become a Destiny Helper. “Pastor Gacura grew up in war torn Uganda and had many hardships to include nearly dying from a poisonous snake bite, measles, and then polio that left him permanently unable to walk. Dr. Karen talks to Pastor Gacura about how God used his hardships to prepare him for his destiny to help heal a post-genocide nation. She also talked to him about what God is doing today through executive business leaders, God’s ambassadors in the workplace.

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September 22, 2022

10 Marriage Success Strategies

In this episode Dr. Karen builds on her previous 35th Anniversary episode and shares additional insights and strategies for creating a successful marriage and Living Leadership Legacy. She says, if you have the eyes to see and take the time to look, there is always something praiseworthy on which to meditate.

September 20, 2022

Our Secrets to 35 Years of Marriage

What is the formula for a great and successful marriage? As Dr. Karen celebrates her 35th wedding anniversary, she interviews her husband and shares both of their insights. The profound impact of each of their fathers, as spiritual leaders of their homes, is one of 10 heartfelt reflections they share. In this episode Dr. Karen gives us a rare glimpse into her husband’s thoughts.

September 13, 2022

Kerry Anna Stallings: From Corporate Boardroom to Entrepreneurial Founder

Kerry Anna Stallings started her dream job at a public relations advertising firm in New York City working with food and beverage and technology clients. During the pandemic, and while working from home in Atlanta, she got the nudge to start Tower Treats, a company specializing in half pound peanut butter chocolate chip cookies as “the treat for all.” Dr. Karen speaks with Kerry Anna about both her corporate and entrepreneurial experiences, the lessons learned, and how to make a stand for faith in both settings.

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September 8, 2022

Obedience is the Key to God’s Rest

The secret to Elijah’s success was obedience. Like Elijah, choose to stand in the place of stillness. Hear and follow God’s voice of guidance and direction. He still provides supernatural strength and provision for those who trust and obey Him. What is God calling you to do as a marketplace ministry leader? Listen to this episode as Dr. Karen uncovers today’s good news for those in the marketplace.

September 6, 2022

Elijah’s Rest in God

Under conditions of exhaustion, we lose perspective. Fear and hopelessness increase, and we often adopt a narrow and false understanding of reality. Dr. Karen reflects on the life of Elijah and how God intervened to provide him a hiding place, rest, food, and water. God does the same for us today. What rest and provision do you need from Him today?