January 10, 2023

Why Do People Follow Dictators: A Conversation with Jeff Rasley (Episode # 398)

Why do people follow dictators? What are the implications for business leaders? Guest Jeff Rasley, the author of fourteen books including “The 72 Wisdoms,” shares his insights and perspectives on how to use wisdom to interrupt the patterns of fascist leaders. Jeff is the President of Basa Village Foundation, Secretary of Scientech Foundation, board member of the Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center, Co-Founder of the Jeff and Alicia Rasley Internship program for the ACLU of Indiana, and a graduate of the Indiana University School of Law and the Christian Theological Seminary. Dr. Karen speaks with Jeff Rasley about the importance of critical thinking and love in preventing and overcoming fascism.

Reach Jeff Rasley and get his book, “72 Wisdoms” at www.jeffreyrasley.com



2 thoughts on “Why Do People Follow Dictators: A Conversation with Jeff Rasley (Episode # 398)

  1. Jeff, it’s always a delight to speak with you. You are a deep thinker on many topics and I enjoyed the opportunity to explore why people follow dictators. Thank you so much for this timely conversation.

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