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May 28, 2024

Rick Gang, CEO and Co-Founder of Holistic HomeCare Associates: Reinvent Your Business and Industry (Episode # 478)

Rick Gang is the CEO and co-founder of Holistic HomeCare Associates based in Riverdale, New York. Fueled by the chaos of trying to hunt down top-notch caregivers in the jungle of traditional home care agencies, Holistic reinvented home care. They make hiring a breeze, the family the boss, and weave ethical and compassionate high quality into every fiber of the process.

As a seasoned home care expert with nearly four decades of experience in home care management, Rick speaks with Dr. Karen about his business growth and learning journey through change, innovation, agility, flexibility, and reinvention. He also shares how he uses technology and outside advisement to bring the best solutions to his clients and exponential growth and profitability to his company.

Listen today to hear how Rick ensures he and his team meet every client with white-glove service, deep understanding of the home care landscape, kindness, and a smile. Use these same executive leadership insights for accelerated success and profitability in your business.

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May 21, 2024

The Care and Feeding of Orchids, Part 2 (Episode # 477)

The care and feeding of orchids is a delicate business. Too much or too little of a good substance can lead to an untimely demise. Dr. Karen shares six executive business insights from her experiences with orchid care. The first lesson is to seek outside consultation when you are not knowledgeable about a needed area of expertise. View this episode to see the unveiling of the other insights.

For relevant context see The Care and Feeding of Orchids, Part 1 (Episode # 442, 19 September 2023)

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May 14, 2024

Susan Ireland: The Journey from Boeing to Start-Up to Her Own Business (Episode # 476)

Susan Ireland spent 30 years in business operations leadership roles at The Boeing Company. She was on the original leadership team that built and established a new digital aviation business for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. After Boeing, Susan played a strategic role in a start-up company that developed, manufactured, and installed hydrogen systems on diesel engines.

Now, as co-founder of Seasons Leadership, a professional coaching and services business, she and her business partner, Debbie Collard, leverage and share the lessons they learned from both complex global organizations and small technology start-ups. Their objective is to make leadership excellence the worldwide standard.

Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Washington and a Master of Science in Management from Antioch University. She is an alumna of the International Executive Programme at Insead University in France and the Executive Leadership Program at Seattle University.

Today Susan speaks with Dr. Karen about how to use business operations systems to manage your business, career progression for women in male-dominated fields, and how to use your values to take charge of your career.

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May 7, 2024

The State of The Business Address: Why and How? (Episode # 475)

Does your company conduct a State of the Business Address? In this episode, Dr. Karen provides insights on the reasons to periodically conduct this important company meeting. When you regularly inform your workforce about successes, challenges, and examples of living the company values, you engage the workforce, reinforce the culture, increase retention, and reduce fear, anxiety, and destructive rumors.

Learn how to use The State of the Business Address to transform and inspire your company both for now and the future.

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