Organizational Consultation

Understand the big picture and map out plans to lead major culture change. Identify the systems and processes needed to support and execute new strategic directions. See how all of the pieces fit and work well together. Enter new markets and/or enhance performance in existing markets. Take decisive action and get dynamic results.

Look ahead and consider what else is possible.  How can you best achieve your mission and vision?  What new or adjusted structures best facilitate success?  Identify, unlock, and walk through new Doors of Opportunity that demonstrate dynamic organizational results (DOR).  Pursue new vistas and implement new strategies.  Maximize successful outcomes with your collective gifts and talents.

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Executive Advisement

Customized sessions are for those times when you want one-to-one counsel/advisement on your specific leadership challenges and opportunities. Get perspective, wisdom, and a greater vision for yourself and your organization. Identify next steps and how-to strategies for leading your people in your context. Focus on your leadership agenda. Get there faster.

Empower individual executive leaders to develop the competencies needed to masterfully lead and inspire their teams and organizations. Coach and mentor team members to learn, grow, and build together.  Create a culture where all personnel are valued and encouraged to use their gifts and talents to better serve more clients/customers.  Attract and retain the best people and achieve more dynamic organizational results with fewer unnecessary mistakes.  Cast and co-create a compelling and forward thinking vision that inspires and commits team members.

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Executive Education

Align key leaders, teams, and organizations for future success. Custom craft key messages to get everyone on the same page. Increase skills in key leadership areas such as coaching and mentoring, communication, giving and receiving effective feedback, decision-making, and conflict management. Work collaboratively to solve real-time organizational issues.

Co-create new ways for groups and teams to achieve optimal results.  Get the best minds working and collaborating together.  Stop playing small in silos.  Focus on leadership skills such as setting direction, influence, and decision-making.  Envision and achieve a better future together.  Learn and practice communication skills such as listening, giving and receiving feedback, and conflict resolution.  Participate in instruction, facilitation, and experiential learning based on adult learning principles.

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Establish benchmarks for current individual, team, and organizational leadership skills. Identify signature strengths and development needs. Leverage strengths to develop new capabilities. Create plans for closing the gap between present skills and where you want to be in the future.

Assess where you are, where you want to be, and craft a pathway to the new destination.  Use proven and validated individual, team, and organizational assessments to identify and build on strengths and address/cover for development needs.  Be more intentional and strategic about determining and achieving your desired future state.  Achieve innovative results for groups, teams, and individual executives. Build a roadmap for collective success.

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Keynote Speaking

Jump start conferences, global meetings, association meetings with a leadership message that sets the stage for getting dynamic organizational results. Sample topics include:

  • Creating High Performance Teams
  • Talking the Walk of Change
  • Succession Planning and Building Talent Bench Strength
  • Growing a Culture of Courageous Leaders
  • Practical Strategies for Creating Collaborative Relationships in Corporate Business Environments
  • Consulting Best Practices from One Wheelhouse Over
  • Executive Coaching in International Contexts
  • Key Success Factors for Leading Diverse Organizations

Call to identify topics and relevant approaches for your meeting. We use the strategies and approaches that best achieve your desired outcomes.

Custom design workshops, panel presentations, and keynote addresses for the unique leadership needs and interests of your organization or trade association.

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Leaders Empowered for Dynamic Organizational Results (LEDOR):

L         Listen to team members, clients, the environment.  Listen for opportunities to pursue,  barriers to remove, and breakthroughs to achieve.

E         Engage and employ talents.  Inspire and nurture the passions of others.  Fully engage in the work with the right people in the right places.

D         Dream BIG.  Figure out how to make it happen with effective plans and systems.

O         Open doors for others. Create pathways forward.

R         Rally others for dynamic results.  Unleash talent for new opportunities.

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  1. Clarify what’s most important now
  2. Put plans and strategies in place to achieve your dynamic results
  3. Unleash talent, passion, and resolve for breakthrough achievement
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