Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Inspiring leaders and organizations to the full greatness to which they have been called.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create opportunities for leaders and their teams to grow, learn and transform themselves and their organizations for higher purpose, greater success, and enhanced impact. We unleash the creative genius of leaders, teams, and organizations.

Organizational Statement

We create products, processes, and experiences that transform lives and organizations.  As a result of our work people live more fulfilled lives, respond powerfully to their callings, live out their destinies, and realize their dreams.  Our clients and associates significantly impact and enable effective leadership and purposeful living.  Organizations get meaningful results and achieve their mission and purpose. Every day is filled with learning, growth, discovery, and possibility.  We work positively, creatively, and collaboratively living the best of all we believe.  Choices and options are bountiful and limitations few.  In all circumstances, we walk daily in thanksgiving and gratitude.

Philosophy of Leadership Transformation

We believe the collective gifts and talents of leaders in organizations can be harnessed and aligned to realize future leadership opportunities and successes.  We believe strengths are an excellent foundation for building optimal organizations that achieve mission results and pursue market opportunities.  We believe purpose, character, and the cultivation of self-knowledge, inner strength, resilience, and wisdom leads to growth and learning that produces dynamic organizational results.

Our Approach


  • See the big picture
  • Identify the landscape


  • Build on strengths
  • Capitalize on win/win opportunities
  • Find the Pure Gold in challenge situations


  • Synthesize and clarify options
  • Hear and see opportunities
  • Distill the complex to the actionable


  • Co-create roadmaps to success
  • Practice anticipated scenarios


  • Put people at ease
  • Create safe environments
  • Operate as trusted advisors
  • Challenge for higher performance and greater impact
  • Support in taking bold steps


  • Make information accessible
  • Make information usable


  • Effective application of knowledge
  • See trends, patterns, connections and use for continued success

Business Card Description

Through the change in color from blue to white, the TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC.® business card depicts a movement from darkness to light. This movement symbolizes the renewing of the mind as one uncovers truth, is enlightened and is set free.

The olive branches represent the beginnings of new life and new directions just as the dove brought back an olive branch to Noah’s ark to symbolize new growth and a time to begin again. No matter the floods assailing organizations, new life and new beginnings are possible.

The center of the card, the logo, is gold to represent the Pure Gold of refined character. We go through the continuous refining fires of life to burn off impurities and to reveal the Pure Gold of our unique leadership purpose.

The business card is printed on textured paper since our lessons are learned and painted on a canvas of diverse and challenging experiences that result in transformation.