Our Clients

Although we sometimes work with small business clients who are scaling for growth, the majority of our clients are large global US based companies, organizations, and agencies with multiple leadership layers and levels of complexity.

Our clients are talented, skilled, and gifted people who want to maximize their contributions and impacts for capturing increased market share, more profits, and/or greater mission success. They are willing to engage in self-development and growth and believe in the value of continuous learning for future success. They are willing to invest in themselves and their people. They are also willing to partner with and learn from others. Our best clients value openness, excellence, vision, and purpose.

Though they want to be profitable, our clients stand for something greater than financial profit alone. Those from corporate companies have a strong sense of purpose about the products and services they produce, the scientific discoveries, engineering solutions or medical innovations to save lives or otherwise make a significant difference in the quality of life.  Those from the government and military sector have a keen sense of awareness about the importance of their mission to national security and preserving life and freedom. Our clients care about what they do and how they do it.

Ready to get Dynamic Organizational Results?

  • Do you have a big mission or purpose?
  • Do your results matter in the world?
  • Do you desire to make a significant difference through the work you do?
  • Are you willing to learn together and from others?
  • Are your leaders technically competent and enthusiastic about their knowledge and expertise even though challenged by the people part of leadership?
  • Are you a senior leader or upper middle manager responsible for significant results and team members?
  • Do your responsibilities include creating an effective corporate culture, setting future vision and direction, developing high performance teams or assuring succession planning and future talent bench strength?

“As a result of my long-term work and relationship with Karen I have been able to move my School from last place to one of the top three at the University. In addition, we are the only School that is in a growth mode. We have greatly enhanced the reputation of the School, doubled enrollment, grew philanthropy and maintained faculty and salaries during a recession, and created a number of successful strategic international partnerships. We are now actively remodeling our facilities and creating a culture of research. Karen’s interventions and strategic coaching have helped me build on strengths, recognize and establish unlikely partnership opportunities, better speak the language of others, and move forward effectively in the face of challenges.”
Craig R. Jackson
JD, MSW, Dean, School of Allied Health Professions, Loma Linda University