January 28, 2020

Authenticity in Customer Service

In this podcast, Dr. Karen contrasts two memorable and profound customer service experiences, one horrible and one outstanding. You will find food for thought as you see through the eyes of a customer and evaluate and rethink the level of customer service in your organization.

January 21, 2020

Strategies for Non-Violent Social Change Action: Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Fighting oppression through non-violence was the hallmark of Dr. King’s approach to pursuing freedom. Did you know that freedom does not come automatically to the oppressed, rather the oppressed must demand freedom? Listen as Dr. Karen unpacks more about the dynamics of freedom and oppression and shares the four steps for non-violent social change action.

January 16, 2020

The Vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech

Freedom by any means is not truly freedom. Dr. King had an abiding faith in America to get to the “bright daybreak and peace of brotherhood” and love through non-violence. In this podcast, Dr. Karen unpacks the timeless wisdom of Dr. King that still provides inspiration and a road map for the enlightened people of our time.

January 14, 2020

The Power of Articulating the Why of Leadership

Do you focus on explaining the what and the how behind your decisions or do you focus on the why? In this podcast, Dr. Karen says, “There’s no fire without the why.” She also provides practical reasons to tap into the power of the “Why” for your organization and business.

January 9, 2020

Tiger Woods and the Presidents Cup: Teamwork in Action

Do you wonder what fascinating details were behind the President’s Cup win by Tiger Woods and the American team? In this podcast, Dr. Karen shares leadership and team insights as she analyzes the reasons for the win of Tiger Woods and his High Performance Team. The same lessons apply to business and the workplace.