Dr. Karen Speaks Leadership TV Show

Voice of Leadership with Dr. Karen & Daphne Maxwell Reid

Actor Daphne Maxwell Reid is best known for her role as Aunt Vivian on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air TV show starring Will Smith. Some of her other credits include starring roles on WKRP in Cincinnati, Hill Street Blues, Simon and Simon, and Frank’s Place, opposite her husband Tim Reid. Dr. Karen talks to Daphne about her experiences as a model, beauty queen, photographic artist, clothing designer, author, entrepreneur, and actor. Join Dr. Karen as she explores the beautiful tapestry of Daphne’s life experiences and extracts relevant business lessons for executive leaders.

Ron McMillon, Jazz Saxophonist and Top 30 Billboard Artist Shares His Leadership Journey

Jazz Saxophonist, Ron McMillon, also known as “Mr. Sirius XM Watercolors”, is today’s guest. His debut single, “It Is Me” went to smooth jazz radio in 2015. Ron’s chart topping single, “Consuming Fire”, produced by format veteran Darren Rahn, from McMillon’s “Talkin’ About Jesus” album took the world by storm on smooth jazz, Sirius XM Watercolors, and gospel stations. His second hit single, “In the Flow” reigned on the Top 30 Billboard Chart for eight consecutive weeks. Dr. Karen interviews Ron McMillon and extracts his inspiring leadership story. Tune in to also hear Mr. Ron McMillon play live on the show.

Interview with Anna Scheller: Black Belt Sales Strategies for Executives

Sales and influence expert, Anna Scheller joins Dr. Karen in a conversation about the role of sales skills in executive leadership. Anna is the host of two podcasts, Black Belt Selling and Sales Mastery and author of the best-selling book, Black Belt Selling: Closing with Confidence. Today she shares leadership insights from her entrepreneurial business ventures, her years as an Air Force officer, and her journey as a Taekwondo Black belt master.

Always Brand Ready: Strategies from Marcella Scherer

Special Guest Marcella Scherer grew her own business to multiple seven figures using the image and presence strategies she shares today. Dr. Karen speaks with Marcella about how executive image and presence impact opportunities and bottom line results. After up-leveling her executive presence, Marcella’s recent client landed a 10 million dollar contract.