May 16, 2019

The Impact of Technology on Communication

We have so many technology options available to us today. These options impact our communication in ways we couldn’t imagine years ago. Listen to this podcast as Dr. Karen talks about the effects of technology on our lives and businesses. She also warns about the importance of keeping face-to-face communication as one of the options.

April 23, 2019

7 Step Client Success/Empowerment Process: Create safe space

Do you have that safe space or a trusted advisor with whom you can talk about, share and brainstorm your most challenging thoughts? This podcast reveals the importance of safe space and real-play practice to getting the best outcomes.

April 18, 2019

7 Step Client Success/Empowerment Process: Neutralize obstacles and Barriers

Are you letting obstacles and barriers paralyze your business or are you able to neutralize them? In this podcast Dr. Karen shares critical insights as a homework assignment to help you neutralize those obstacles.