June 11, 2024

Pastor Troy Gramling: How To Reach Your God Potential and Purpose (Episode # 480)

Pastor Troy Gramling has led South Florida based Potential Church for over two decades. Through his leadership the Church has experienced remarkable growth and blossomed into a vibrant congregation of over 20,000 members in the United States and Latin America. Pastor Troy has an unwavering commitment to his vision to partner with people to reach their God potential.

Before answering his pastoral calling, Pastor Troy honed his skills as a college basketball player and later as a coach, where he sharpened the values of teamwork, discipline, and dedication, that he now imparts to his congregation.

The author of the book, “Potential: The Uncontainable Power of God Within You,” Pastor Troy is known for his creative, innovative, and unconventional teaching methods that reach people from all backgrounds.

Today, in his conversation with Dr. Karen, Pastor Troy shares examples relevant for executive business leaders on how to move past fear to creativity, how to lead and live with authenticity and vulnerability to best develop others, and how to think at least three generations ahead to create lasting legacy.

Reach Pastor Troy at TroyGramling.com

June 4, 2024

Why Create Community at Work? (Episode # 479)

People are designed and created to be in community with other people. As social beings we suffer when in isolation, such as during the pandemic or if imprisoned in solitary confinement.

Did you know that your office or place of work is a prime place to create community?

What are the benefits of belonging to and creating community at work? As an executive leader, what can you prioritize and how will community-building benefit your company? In this episode, Dr. Karen shares insights to take people and workplaces to a higher level of engagement and productivity.

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May 28, 2024

Rick Gang, CEO and Co-Founder of Holistic HomeCare Associates: Reinvent Your Business and Industry (Episode # 478)

Rick Gang is the CEO and co-founder of Holistic HomeCare Associates based in Riverdale, New York. Fueled by the chaos of trying to hunt down top-notch caregivers in the jungle of traditional home care agencies, Holistic reinvented home care. They make hiring a breeze, the family the boss, and weave ethical and compassionate high quality into every fiber of the process.

As a seasoned home care expert with nearly four decades of experience in home care management, Rick speaks with Dr. Karen about his business growth and learning journey through change, innovation, agility, flexibility, and reinvention. He also shares how he uses technology and outside advisement to bring the best solutions to his clients and exponential growth and profitability to his company.

Listen today to hear how Rick ensures he and his team meet every client with white-glove service, deep understanding of the home care landscape, kindness, and a smile. Use these same executive leadership insights for accelerated success and profitability in your business.

Contact Rick Gang at HolisticHomeCareAssociates.com (646-240-4888)

May 21, 2024

The Care and Feeding of Orchids, Part 2 (Episode # 477)

The care and feeding of orchids is a delicate business. Too much or too little of a good substance can lead to an untimely demise. Dr. Karen shares six executive business insights from her experiences with orchid care. The first lesson is to seek outside consultation when you are not knowledgeable about a needed area of expertise. View this episode to see the unveiling of the other insights.

For relevant context see The Care and Feeding of Orchids, Part 1 (Episode # 442, 19 September 2023)

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May 14, 2024

Susan Ireland: The Journey from Boeing to Start-Up to Her Own Business (Episode # 476)

Susan Ireland spent 30 years in business operations leadership roles at The Boeing Company. She was on the original leadership team that built and established a new digital aviation business for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. After Boeing, Susan played a strategic role in a start-up company that developed, manufactured, and installed hydrogen systems on diesel engines.

Now, as co-founder of Seasons Leadership, a professional coaching and services business, she and her business partner, Debbie Collard, leverage and share the lessons they learned from both complex global organizations and small technology start-ups. Their objective is to make leadership excellence the worldwide standard.

Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Washington and a Master of Science in Management from Antioch University. She is an alumna of the International Executive Programme at Insead University in France and the Executive Leadership Program at Seattle University.

Today Susan speaks with Dr. Karen about how to use business operations systems to manage your business, career progression for women in male-dominated fields, and how to use your values to take charge of your career.

Reach Susan Ireland at www.seasonsleadership.com

May 7, 2024

The State of The Business Address: Why and How? (Episode # 475)

Does your company conduct a State of the Business Address? In this episode, Dr. Karen provides insights on the reasons to periodically conduct this important company meeting. When you regularly inform your workforce about successes, challenges, and examples of living the company values, you engage the workforce, reinforce the culture, increase retention, and reduce fear, anxiety, and destructive rumors.

Learn how to use The State of the Business Address to transform and inspire your company both for now and the future.

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April 30, 2024

The National Day of Prayer 2024: “Lift Up the Word-Light Up the World” (Episode # 474)

This week is the 73rd National Day of Prayer. With so many challenges in our country and world, to include the upcoming Presidential election, wars, escalating crime, natural disasters, climate disruptions, and more Dr. Karen reminds us of our great need for prayer. How did The National Day of Prayer begin? For which subjects and issues are we encouraged to pray? Dr. Karen answers these and other questions as she also embraces and blesses us with special words of prayer. Remember to pray for our country and leaders on Thursday, 2 May 2024.

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April 23, 2024

Dr. Randy Ross: How to Create a Remarkable Life and Business (Episode # 473)

Dr. Randy Ross is the CEO of Remarkable and a bestselling author of multiple books, including “Remarkable!,” “Roadmap to Remarkable!,” “Relationomics,” “Fireproof Happiness,” and his latest book entitled, “Make Life Good.”

Working with brands like Delta, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, GE Appliances, McDonald’s, Panasonic, Cox Communications, Keller Williams, Compass Group, Chick-fil-A, and the Intercontinental Hotel Group, he has inspired and enabled countless people to find new passion and purpose in their work, to work better together in teams, and have greater influence and impact.

Dr. Ross, a former Chief People Officer says, when people like what they do, they do it better. Today, he speaks with Dr. Karen about how to live a “conspicuously extraordinary” life, how to create a Remarkable corporate culture, the connection between employee experience and customer experience, the role of hope in creating a happy culture and profitable business, the four maxims of value creation, and more. Listen for practical wisdom you can apply in your business today.

Reach Dr. Randy Ross at www.drRandyRoss.com; rr@drRandyRoss.com


April 16, 2024

Traffic and Turbulence (Episode # 472)

What business and leadership lessons can you learn from navigating the challenges of travel, traffic, and turbulence? In this episode Dr. Karen shares insights from her recent trip to Atlanta. While she unfolds her fascinating traffic and turbulence story, Dr. Karen also extracts lessons corporate executives can leverage to effectively lead through business traffic and turbulence.

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April 9, 2024

Neal Frick, CEO of CyberCore Technologies: The ROI for Empathy in Corporate Businesses (Episode # 471)

Neal Frick, the CEO of CyberCore Technologies, a government contractor that specializes in secure IT infrastructure and supply chain management, leads his company with empathy and compassion. Neal’s business results include restructuring and reducing overhead by 2.5 million, tripling headcount and revenue within 2 years, and reducing attrition from 35% to 8% within 12 months.

The author of the book, “The E Suite: Empathetic Leadership for the Next Generation of Executives,” with co-author Tina Kuhn, Neal grounds his approach to leadership in the power of empathy and investment in people, a methodology he learned from his father who is a General Contractor in the Insulating business. With previous corporate and government contracting roles, Neal has seen Empathy leadership produce successful and profitable businesses in other sectors. His father’s leadership instilled a lifelong conviction that investing in people leads to inevitable profits.

Today Neal speaks with Dr. Karen about employee hiring and retention, responsible downsizing, leading millennials and Gen Z, the role of diversity for business success and innovation, and how to protect yourself in a cyber and AI environment.

With insights sharpened in the crucible of personal experience and professional success, Neal is on a mission to build a community of empathetic leaders.
Reach Neal Frick at theesuite.com