July 18, 2023

The Denver Nuggets: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (Episode # 433)

After 47 years, the Denver Nuggets have finally won their first NBA championship! How did they do it? Teamwork makes the dream work. In this episode, Dr. Karen reveals 7 strategies to create a winning team, the top 3 qualities of high performance teams, and how being a decent person off the court or outside of the workplace impacts team success on the job.

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July 11, 2023

Steve McKee: How to Embrace Business Turns as Opportunities (Episode # 432)

Steve McKee is the co-founder of McKee Wallwork, a nationally recognized marketing advisory firm. McKee Wallwork specializes in turnarounds of Stalled, Stuck, and Stale companies. In today’s show Steve unveils the four factors that lead to business failure and the essential ingredients to effectively navigate business turns.

Steve is the author of the groundbreaking book on change management, “TURNS: Where Business is Won and Lost.” His company made the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in America and twice won the prestigious Effie Award for marketing effectiveness. Listen today as Dr. Karen explores the results of Steve McKee’s Inc. 500 research project, his personal and business journey, and the implications for executives who choose to be successful today.

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July 4, 2023

The Titanic Revisited: Business Lessons Executives Need to Know (Episode # 431)

What are the lessons we can learn from the disasters of the Titanic and the recent OceanGate Titan submersible? How can an “unsinkable” vessel sink and what contributes to horrific human mistakes? In this episode, Dr. Karen dissects the errors in thinking and action that led to disaster for both vessels. After her detailed analysis, she shares seven business insights for how executives can lead with wisdom today.

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(Episode References: Online article by Douglas Main with contributions from Scott Dutfield on livescience.com, Live Science Titanic Project, History on the Net, BBC.com, YouTube news videos with Hollywood Director James Cameron, and Interview of former ABC Science Editor Dr. Michael Guillen by NBC news reporter Gadi Schwartz)

June 27, 2023

“My Mentor Walks on Water”: Donna Johnson (Episode # 430)

Donna Johnson, one of the most successful and highly respected sales professionals in her Direct Marketing Business is also the recipient of her company’s Lifetime Achievement Award. What is the secret of her success? In her book, “My Mentor Walks on Water,” Donna talks about the courage and power to step out of the boat to speak the truth with love in the workplace. Donna also knows that, with many voices all around her, she answers to only “One”. She further says, “My business is not my idol, rather a tool.”

Donna and her husband Thomas also operate “Spirit Wings Kids”, a charity that funds orphanages in India and Africa, along with a Permaculture farm and soccer academy in Uganda. Listen today as Donna Johnson and Dr. Karen explore more water walking mentor insights.

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June 20, 2023

Executive Leaders as Workplace Fathers (Episode # 429)

As an executive leader, how can you make a difference for the men and women in your corporation? In this special Father’s Day episode, Dr. Karen shares 7 powerful insights about ways to model, inspire, and develop your people to better lead your organization. Find out what you can learn from God, the Father, our ultimate role model.

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June 13, 2023

Secret Sauce Success: Howard Behar, Founding International President of Starbucks (Episode # 428)

Howard Behar, Founding International President and former Board member of Starbucks says the Starbucks “secret sauce” of success is people first at every level of the organization. Howard adds, “You grow the people, they grow the organization, and the organization grows the business.” Howard’s leadership took Starbucks from 28 stores to more than 15,000 on five continents.

His career accomplishments span 50 years in consumer-oriented businesses, to include 21 years serving at Starbucks. Today in his conversation with Dr. Karen, Howard reveals the importance of shared values, diverse abilities, and the Monday night dinners of H2O, the top three leaders. He also gives powerful examples of how backing the innovative ideas of team members paid off with meteoric success.

Find Howard Behar’s books “It’s Not About the Coffee,” and “The Magic Cup” online and in stores.

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June 6, 2023

5 Essential Conversations to Develop and Transform Executive Teams (Episode # 427)

What kinds of conversations do you have with your executive team to promote an enterprise-wide perspective?  Dr. Karen identifies five essential dialogues to transcend silos and engage the power of constructive executive team collaboration. Two of those dialogues include the cultivation of shared learning and the exploration of new possibilities.

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May 30, 2023

Why Automation, High Technology, and AI are Not Enough (Episode # 426)

Automation, technology, and AI (artificial intelligence) provide numerous benefits to reduce labor intensity, increase decision-making options, and expand learning skills. The question is what can people do to best gain from these technologies? In this episode, Dr. Karen shares her insights on the voice and role of the CEO to ask the right questions and take the right actions to leverage the value of the information for business innovation and creative advantage.

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May 23, 2023

Engage Everyone in God’s Word: Jos Snoep, President and CEO of The Bible League (Episode #425)

Bible League President and CEO Jos Snoep leads the ministry by cultivating, “one relationship at a time.” Today on The Voice of Leadership, he speaks with Dr. Karen about how The Bible League, a non-profit Christian ministry, engages people in the word of God and equips the local Church.

The Bible League creates global unity in diversity through partnerships with local communities. Jos also describes the importance of a culture of prayer, the meaning of the word “league,” and how God uses these and other concepts to grow local leader missions at the grassroots level. Executive leaders can apply the same principles of prayer, listening, relationship, and partnership for success in leading their corporate businesses.

Learn more about the Bible League at www.bibleleague.org

May 16, 2023

The Power of Prayer for Executive Business Leaders (Episode # 424)

Just as God revealed to the King of Israel what the King of Syria said in his bedchamber, God also reveals what’s going on in our workplaces. He tells us what we cannot know through human means. He reveals who is for us, who is against us, and His plan for how to respond. In this episode, Dr. Karen shares the reasons business leaders must pray to God without ceasing. Prayer is the vehicle God uses for relationship, revelation, instruction, participation, and victory/success in life including the workplace.

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