About Us


TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC.® is a values based and purpose led executive leadership development consulting company committed to partnering with you to develop your talents and to achieve dynamic organizational results.

Through our leadership processes and systems we help you to more quickly uncover opportunities for marketplace leadership and to better develop and align your resources for success.

Based in Colorado Springs and working globally since 1995, TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC.® is an authority on partnering with large corporate, US government, military, and non-profit organizations to achieve mission results and/or gain competitive advantage through innovation, better products and services, streamlined processes, and teamwork.

Other Benefits Include

  • Employees aligned with the mission, vision, values, and purpose of the organization
  • Team members using their gifts, strengths, and talents to contribute at the highest levels
  • Development of continuous learners who propel mission success through thought leadership
  • People who innovate, create breakthroughs, and look forward to coming to work
  • Leaders who promote others and who get promoted
  • Attracting and retaining more of the best talent

You may be wondering why it’s to your advantage to work with a leadership development company that is not exclusive to your industry. Think of the power of the partnership between your expertise in your industry and the many years of experience we have across multiple industries. You will learn what works in other places and much of that can also be used to propel your success. The diversity of thought and experience expands options and opportunities that lead to breakthroughs.

We show you how to develop, lead, and grow dynamic organizations by developing your people and creating a culture that sparks creativity, innovation, and collaboration. In this empowered environment you create high performance teams, engaged employees, and inspired leaders.

Don’t leave leadership currency on the table in your business. Mine for the hidden gold. Develop and inspire your people to their greatest levels of success and contribution.