Lead Yourself First!
The Senior Leader's Guide to Engaging Your People
for Greater Performance and Impact

Thanks so much for visiting my Lead Yourself First! book page. If you are a leader responsible for leading others, setting corporate culture, and inspiring your people for dynamic organizational results then click below to order your copy of Lead Yourself First!.

Lead Yourself First! takes you on a leadership journey to discover how you can use your own leadership development experiences as a catalyst to engage the passion and commitment of your people. In addition, decide how to leverage your past experiences and learning for the greatest organizational impact.

Are you a senior leader or executive responsible for setting vision, championing corporate culture, or leading change and innovation? Do you want your people to learn, grow, and develop so they can achieve more dynamic organizational results?

Dr. Karen takes you on her own personal leadership journey from calling and destiny in childhood to leadership deployed in adulthood. Stops along the way in this heartfelt depiction, include stories from her active duty years in the Army as well as vignettes from a variety of other life and work experiences. After reading this book you will be inspired to think about how to use your own leadership journey to first lead yourself and then your people. This book is about leveraging your own unique leadership experiences and lessons learned to build a more significant life and business.

Author Bio

Known for her genuine caring for clients, Dr. Wilson-Starks partners and collaborates with corporate, US federal government, military, and non-profit clients to grow, scale, or make their organizations more efficient. She shows them how to attract, hire, develop, and retain the best people. In addition, she provides consultation that leads to competitive advantage and increased profitability. For more than 25 years she has co-created client successes in aligning people to

achieve the vision and mission and engaging the workforce to contribute their best work. Educated as a clinical psychologist Dr. Wilson-Starks served as an active duty US Army officer and psychologist, Federal government employee, and numerous other roles. Since 1995 she has been President and CEO of TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC.

What are people Saying about the book

"Buy this book for your coaching and consulting clients. Your clients will be informed by the author's laser sharp strategic focus on her life and career as an exemplary path. Buy this book for your sisters, daughters, nieces, and the other women in your life. They will be truly inspired and empowered by Karen's story."
Dr. Sandra Foster, Founder, Success at Work
"I like that the author shares stories to demonstrate leadership concepts of self-study, education, training, and experience. It's clear that she has let God lead her first so that she can tell others how to "'Lead Yourself First'."
J. Banks
"I loved this book. It was a very practical leadership book. Dr. Karen did a wonderful job relating real life stories from her life to leadership. It was a good read with some humor and spirituality. I really got a lot from this book and would recommend it for all leaders."
Gregory P. Stephens
"Great reminder of how all of life's experiences work toward the growth of your personal self and your development into a leader. Thanks Dr. Karen for sharing your life with us."
"I have witnessed Dr. Karen teach on several occasions. Always have I been inspired by her knowledge, sincerity, and drive to help others succeed. I know this book will be catalyst to many in improving their leadership capabilities."
Pure Fashion
"The mix of personal stories, insights, guidance and wide ranging examples is a refreshing read. A PhD psychologist with a depth of experience in the Military and with the Center for Creative Leadership, 'Lead yourself first' brings wisdom, analogies and spiritual guidance to the everyday challenges leaders work with."
Diana Jones

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