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June 28, 2022

Michael Chatman: “The Christian Beer Man” Philanthropist CEO

Recognized by Nonprofit Times Magazine as one of the most influential philanthropic leaders in America, Michael Chatman is the CEO of The Community Foundation: The Global Center for Generosity located in Cape Coral, Florida. He also previously worked as a Global Corporate Marketplace Ministry leader. In this interview, Dr. Karen speaks with Michael Chatman about his visionary leadership, commitment to generosity, and how he got the names, “The Christian Beer Man,” “Black Hippie,” and “The Love Leader.” Listen to learn and apply his success secrets.

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June 14, 2022

Dennis Welch Interview II: “What Love Makes Us Do”

Dennis Welch is the author of 500 songs, many of which listeners hear on the radio. He recently released his latest album, “What Love Makes Us Do.” Nashville veteran producer, record company owner, and manager Tony Mantor recorded Dennis’ song, “Why Not Me?” and named his 2020 album after the song. Mantor’s “Why Not Me?” was on the Top 10 List for 15 weeks. Dennis is now finishing a children’s book, “Why Not Me?” His granddaughter is the illustrator. On today’s show, Dennis sings and Dr. Karen speaks with Dennis about his life as a songwriter and how he prayed to God and got unexpected results.

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May 24, 2022

Dennis Welch Interview I: Find the Hook that Makes You Memorable

Dennis Welch is the President and Owner of Articulate PR and Communications, a songwriter, and the author of two books, “So…What are You Saying?” and “Rich People Shop Here.” For 13 years he was also in management and a senior staff writer for the Gallup organization.  In this segment Dr. Karen speaks with Dennis about the joy in finding your calling, the best way to bring out the gifts in yourself and others, and how to be memorable as you make a unique impact. Dennis also sings one of his phenomenal songs.

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April 26, 2022

Interview with Alison Cornell, CFO to large national and global Corporations

Alison Cornell, a certified Treasury Professional, was Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of two major New York Stock Exchange listed corporations, both of which were global. Prior to those roles, she held significant financial positions at AT&T where she learned how to be a corporate executive. Even today, women hold only 10% of major corporate CFO jobs. Currently Director and Audit Committee Chair at ZIVO Bioscience, Inc and Chou2 Pharma, Ms. Cornell is still committed to the development of women both in the US and abroad. Join Dr. Karen and Ms. Cornell for senior executive leadership development lessons you can apply today.

April 12, 2022

From Success, to Significance, to Surrender with Dean Niewolny, Chairman of the Board of Halftime

Dean Niewolny, Chairman of the Board and Ambassador of Halftime Institute, spent 23 years in executive roles with three of Wall Street’s largest financial firms. Inspired to go beyond success to serving others, he and his wife began trips to South Africa and now provide orphan and hospice care in Durbin. The author of “Trade Up: How to Go From Just Making Money to Making a Difference,” Dean talks to Dr. Karen about what he has learned on the journey and how the Halftime Institute creates life transformation for the marketplace executives they serve.

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March 22, 2022

Interview with Mike Mooney: How Do You Elevate Your Business Reputation and Why?

Mike Mooney’s 25 year career in professional motorsports with NASCAR makes him the perfect accelerator for high performance leaders who seek to unlock speed and drive opportunities in their lives. In this part II Interview Mike speaks with Dr. Karen about practical lessons from his breakthrough book, “Reputation Shift- Lessons from Pit Road to the Boardroom.” Mike shares his insights about how champions stay champions.

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Mike Mooney

March 8, 2022

NASCAR and Other High Speed Brands: Interview with Mike Mooney

Mike Mooney was part of the executive ecosystem behind NASCAR. As an award winning executive, he built and protected the global reputations of such brands as Mercedes-Benz, 3M, NASCAR, Sunoco, Tylenol, and Walmart. Author of the breakthrough book, “Reputation Shift- Lessons from Pit Road to the Boardroom,” Mike speaks with Dr. Karen about the leadership lessons he learned from decades of working with championship NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula 1, and Roush Fenway drivers and teams.

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Mike Mooney

February 22, 2022

Conversation with Pastors Ben and Wanda Anderson Part II: Innovations in Church and Community Leadership

If you have ever wanted to use your gifts, talents, and abilities to lead change in your community, then today’s show is especially for you. In this Part II conversation with my guests, Pastor Ben Anderson, Senior Pastor of Solid Rock Christian Center and his wife, Pastor Wanda Anderson, Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Risk Management for the Navigators, they share how God led them to use different legal structures, government entities, and corporate partnerships to build their community and create capacity for future generational abundance.;;

Pastor Wanda Anderson Solid Rock Christian Pastor Ben Anderson Solid Rock Christian

February 8, 2022

The Black Church Past and Present: A Conversation with Pastors Ben and Wanda Anderson

The Black Church has a history of being a place of emotional refuge, leadership training, physical sustenance, the heartbeat of the civil rights movement, and a safe place to worship God with dignity. What relevance does the Black Church have today and into the future? Dr. Karen reviews a history of the official start of the Black Church in America. She and her guests, Pastor Ben Anderson, Senior Pastor of Solid Rock Christian Center in Colorado Springs and his wife, Pastor Wanda Anderson also add their insights. This segment is Part I of a conversation with the Andersons. In Part II they will share more about the groundbreaking and innovative approaches to ministry they have started at Solid Rock Christian Center.

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Pastor Wanda Anderson Solid Rock Christian Pastor Ben Anderson Solid Rock Christian

January 25, 2022

Interview with Tim Hoerr, CEO of Serra Ventures

Tim Hoerr is the CEO and Founder of Serra Ventures, a venture capital firm that manages $140 million dollars in early stage high technology company investments with the support of more than 250 limited liability partners. He is also the author of “Risking It: An Intersection of Faith and Work” and “Thank God It’s Monday! A Tool Kit for Aligning Your Lifevision and Your Work.” Dr. Karen talks to Tim about how his Christian values facilitate the best triple win decision-making, his own entrepreneurial journey buying and selling multiple significant businesses, and how God used a “wilderness” experience to increase his humility and empathy. for more information

Tim Hoerr Serra Ventures