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November 28, 2023

Testimony of God’s Redemption with Ron McMillon, Gospel Jazz Saxophonist (Episode # 452)

When Jacob’s son Joseph dreamed of the sun, moon, and stars bowing down to him he could not have imagined God’s path to the fulfillment of that prophetic dream. Likewise, God gave a vision to top 30 Billboard recording artist and gospel jazz saxophonist Ron McMillon. In Ron’s vision, he saw himself with a saxophone in one hand and a Bible in the other. Even in fiery trials and darkness when the vision seemed far away, God was still on the throne preserving Ron’s life and working all things out for his good.

Have you ever wondered if your mistakes are too great for God to manifest His gifts and calling in your life or to redeem you? Join Dr. Karen today as Ron McMillon shares words of hope, healing, and recovery in his testimony. God is brighter than the darkness and bigger than any problem. He will get the glory and honor from our lives even when we take wrong turns.

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November 21, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving (Episode # 451)

Although it has been a difficult year in many respects, there is still a lot for which to be thankful. Let’s be thankful for family, friends, food, shelter, clothing, our lives, and the measure of health we enjoy. As a marketplace ministry leader what else can you do to support your organization, team members, local community, and worldwide community? In this episode, Dr. Karen shares her additional words of gratitude and encouragement.

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

November 14, 2023

“Press Toward the Mark” with Gospel Jazz Saxophonist Ron McMillon (Episode # 450)

Ron McMillon is a gospel smooth jazz saxophonist and recording artist. Charting on the Top 30 Billboard in the music industry, his music is played on the Music Choice TV Channel and on radio worldwide, including Sirius XM Radio where he is known as Mr. Jazz Watercolors. He has also had the privilege to play alongside very high profile artists in the Gospel/Smooth Jazz genre.

A Colorado native who studied music at the collegiate level, Ron’s sincere passion for music ministry and his love for God are the foundation for ALL of his successes in the music industry. Listen today to hear five of his songs and to apply his words of wisdom from God about the role of patience, diligence, and hard work as you “Press Toward the Mark” of God’s high calling.

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November 13, 2023

“Press Toward The Mark” With Gospel Jazz Saxophonist Ron McMillon (Episode # 450)

The Voice of Leadership | Ron McMillon | Press Toward The Mark

The Voice of Leadership | Ron McMillon | Press Toward The Mark


Ron McMillon is a gospel smooth jazz saxophonist and recording artist. He charts on the Top 30 Billboard in the music industry; his music is played on the Music Choice TV Channel and radio worldwide, including Sirius XM Radio, where he is known as Mr. Jazz Watercolors. He has also had the privilege to play alongside high-profile artists in the Gospel/Smooth Jazz genre.


A Colorado native who studied music at the collegiate level, Ron’s sincere passion for music ministry and his love for God are the foundation for ALL his successes in the music industry. Listen today to hear five of his songs and to apply his words of wisdom from God about the role of patience, diligence, and hard work as you “Press Toward the Mark” of God’s high calling.


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“Press Toward The Mark” With Gospel Jazz Saxophonist Ron McMillon

Our guest for this episode, Ron McMillon, is a gospel smooth jazz saxophonist and recording artist. Charting on the Top 30 Billboard in the music industry, his music is played on the Music Choice Channel, on TV, and on radio worldwide, including SiriusXM Radio, where he is known as Mr. Jazz Watercolors. He has also had the privilege to play alongside very high-profile artists in the gospel and smooth jazz industry.

A Colorado Native who studied music at the collegiate level, Ron’s creative versatility is on full display at his inspired concert, church, and jazz festival performances. Ron’s sincere passion for music and ministry and his love for God is the foundation for all of his successes in the music industry. Stay with us to know how his story and insights can inform your life and business enterprises. His second CD is titled Press Toward the Mark.

Welcome, Ron. It’s so great to have you back on the show. We’re so glad to have you.

I am so glad to be back on the show again. I feel very privileged and honored to be here.

I’m privileged and honored to have you as well. Tell us about your song Press Toward the Mark. What does it mean? How did it come to be?

Press Toward The Mark

Press Toward the Mark is the album title as well and the premier track on the EP that was produced that year. When I was transitioning to begin recording the album, I was praying to God what was next for me and then after much prayer, the Lord answered and said, “Keep pushing forward.” I had some difficulties going on in life at the time and was at a crossroads to push in one area or the other professionally. Lord said that I keep pushing with the music industry for His glory.

Amen. The last time you were here, Ron, was October 2020, which was the beginning of the pandemic, the first year of the major pandemic crisis. A lot I’m sure has happened since then. I do remember back at that time, you had canceled a number of engagements in an effort to keep you and your family safe at that time. What’s happened since that year in your life? What are you doing? Where is God leading you as you continue to press toward the mark?

We stayed pretty much not seeking traveling and all of that stuff as far as music-wise and in the music industry and for concerts or churches and everything until I got an okay green light from the Lord back in February or March 2022. I did my first concert at the Soiled Dove since the pandemic last June 2022 and it went very well. Ever since then, I’ve been playing at several churches and getting booked for different engagements.

You’re back on the scene and I have attended a number of your concerts since post-pandemic for sure. What would you say that you are learning in this season? What is God showing you?

God is showing me patience laced with diligence. I’ve been getting a lot of bookings. I’ve been very busy since the beginning of 2023. Life has been a real juggling act, should I say. I have a daughter who’s graduating and stuff like that. We have to travel and play, go somewhere else, or even take the family with me to other churches and prepare for the events. I’ve had to be very diligent and patient at the same time.

That’s an interesting combination of patience and diligence. Patience in waiting for things to happen. What about the diligence part? What does that mean? Where does that come from?

Diligence in ministry. I believe God calls us to be diligent in things in ministry. The music success and my situation in the music industry, it is an entertainment industry but it’s a ministry for me. When I feel those needs and want to stop to handle my personal life, I have to be diligent in all areas of my life. I can’t sacrifice one for the other because all of it is for God’s glory but one is for ministry and one is for my family. Part of diligence is a lot of work.

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You’re speaking about something that’s significant to a lot of people and that is how to effectively do this life integration thing because the music is important. Your family is important and you don’t want the music to supersede the place that your family has. When you’re talking about being diligent in this case, it’s always a constant recalibration of the dials so that you have the right priorities in place at the right time. That’s what I’m hearing you say.

When I was younger, I was a youth pastor and a youth athletics director. I wore six different hats in a church. I was very diligent in ministry but my family was suffering. That’s the balance I had to figure out. Plus I work a secular job as well for a medical company. While I’m doing music stuff and family stuff, I’m still working 9:00 to 5:00 during the day.

I remember that you’re working 9:00 to 5:00 during the day. Let me ask you a question about that. How do you balance those out? In the pandemic period, it was a blessing to have the 9:00 to 5:00 and take care of your family when you had to come off the road with music. How is that job still blessing you? Where does it fit in with the full mix of everything else that you’re doing?

It fits in very well. I’ve been with this company for several years. I know a lot of professional musicians. I’m very close to a lot of musicians. There is not a medical plan or a retirement plan so you have to manage your money very well and invest very well. Whereas with my situation, I have all of that. Since I work for a medical company, I get my medical benefits for free. It’s a true blessing. As far as the diligence, the juggling act, and doing all of this, it’s all worth it for the sake of my family and the sake of God’s glory, even at the job.

You always think about how wonderful God is to think of everything. To provide you with that, that job is also caring for your family. He doesn’t leave any stone unturned to do what’s best for us. You have the music and that which provides for your family day to day. That’s quite a blessing. This is my personal favorite of all the Ron McMillon songs, which is Consuming Fire. Those people who listen to the show on Raven International Television are already hearing this in the intro and the outro. Hopefully, you will also be hearing Consuming Fire on iHeartRadio, which is also another one of our formats. Ron, what is the backstory of my favorite song Consuming Fire?

Dr. Karen, the words in Hebrews 12 and 29 refer to God as our consuming fire. That is where the title derived from but here’s an interesting story to give you a little bit. When I met my producer, Mr. Darren Rahn, who is a Grammy-nominated producer and one of the top instrumentation producers in the world, we began writing the album. That was the first song we worked on.

He said, “I have a song for you. It was a pattern and a format of the song.” I said, “That’s nice.” He said, “There’s another artist, Mr. Najee, who turned it down. He said it sounded too gospely.” To me, when I listen to the song, it doesn’t sound gospely at all. It sounds like straight, smooth jazz. That was an indicator that God saved that song for me because I’m a gospel jazz artist.

I agree with that. Najee is fabulous. I’m glad he said no so that you could say yes. To me, it is your song. I consider it your signature song, Consuming Fire, and I love it. If we think about consuming fire from a biblical context, there’s the upside of God being a consuming fire and the downside of God being a consuming fire. Tell us what that means to you.

For me, Consuming Fire, if you feel the vibe of the song, it’s more of God giving that, not in a bad way but lighting a fire under me. It’s to start in the music industry and into my calling that he showed me in a vision back in 1997. Even Darren, when we finished wrapping the song up, he said, “This is an important song for you.” He knew it was going to be a special song. It was very anointed because even though it’s a jazz song, it touched hearts all over the United States. What it means to me is that it was God lighting that fire under me. Sometimes when I listen to it and close my eyes, I see flames of fire dancing around.

I love that depiction of a God lighting the fire under you to start this new chapter in your life. What that makes me think of is Moses and the burning bush because although God is a consuming fire, the bush did not get consumed and it got Moses’ attention to walk over to see what was going on because this was going to be a new start and a new chapter also in Moses’ life. To think about it, the consuming fire of God is like that catalyst and the flame that gets things going is a great way to think about it in your case. I love the way that you’ve characterized that story.

I never thought of Moses and the burning bush. In that story, the fire didn’t consume the bush. This song has had great longevity. It’s still being played on radio. I still get royalties. It came out in 2015. The Lord has ignited this consuming fire on this song and it hasn’t been consumed in the industry so to speak.

I don’t think it will. There are some timeless songs and Consuming Fire is one of those songs. It speaks to the heart at a different level. I’m not surprised that it still has longevity. What’s interesting is this is one of your songs that’s played on secular radio, as well as in the gospel arena. Is that accurate?

Yes. It’s played on secular radio worldwide. When I get my royalties, it shows where it’s being played and what stations are on some of them. I’m very thankful.

You mentioned Darren Rahn. He is one of the special people with whom you get to collaborate and he’s a phenomenal producer. Let me ask this. How has working with other great people, including Darren Rahn, take your gifts and abilities to the next level?

Let me say this first. God placed him strategically in my path because he became a mentor who was better than a high-profile and high-level sax player to a new sax player in the industry on the technicalities of playing and all the other things until the recording. A little bit after I met Darren, I connected with Gerald Albright as well.

We had a two-hour-long conversation at his house. I went to pick up a saxophone from him and he poured some things into me that I won’t forget. The people in the industry that are poured into me, it was like God ordained. It was very helpful to not only polish me as a professional but to motivate me to push forward and to understand that I am supposed to be here like the Lord had shown me back in 1997.

God provides what I call Divine Appointments to confirm what he’s already put into our hearts, minds, and spirits. Let’s be even more specific. Maybe what’s something that either Darren Rahn, Gerald Albright, or someone else said to you that made a difference and made you say, “I am supposed to be here?” What’s a specific thing you might’ve heard?

I’ll speak to Gerald Albright on this one when I was sitting there talking to him for those two hours. Before I got into the industry, you looked at these living legends like Gerald, Kirk Whalum, and people like that. You think that they’re flawless. When I was talking to him, he said, “We’re all still learning, Ron. You’re never going to stop learning.” Although I’ve heard that before from other people, it meant something when he said that to me. For a living legend to say that we’re all still learning, encouraged me not to be so shy and hard on myself as a musician.

Darren said the same things. He played with me at my very first album release concert. I made a mistake and I was hard on myself afterward. The audience can tell. He said, “We all make mistakes. Don’t show it on your face, they probably will never know.” Those kinds of things were very encouraging to me that it’s okay to be human. No matter how high level or low level you are, it’s okay to be you. Paint your canvas and let God allow you to be you.

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Amen to that. It’s so wonderful when there are icons in the industry that can let you know they also make mistakes. It’s all part of the human condition and it’s okay. When I’ve been in Africa, sometimes they’re making jewelry. It’s not perfect but that’s considered the beauty of the individual piece. Whereas in the United States, when we see that imperfection, we want to get rid of the thing.

In other parts of the world, they say, “No, that’s just part of the tapestry.” That’s how it’s supposed to go and they don’t even worry about it. It is so wonderful that they could speak that over you as well. You’ve made a decision early on. You knew that you were supposed to be in the smooth jazz arena as opposed to straight-up gospel stations per se. Talk a little bit about that and some conversations maybe you’ve had with people who went the straight gospel route. What prompted you to be sure you were on the jazz side?

Into Smooth Jazz

I was pushing forward to be a straight gospel instrumentalist. There’s a gentleman from the ’70s and ’80s named Bernard Johnson, who was an inspiration on the gospel side, and a lady by the name of Angélla Christie. She was more in the early 2000s to mid-2000s. I wasn’t expecting the smooth jazz industry house. When God opened the door to me, Darren Rahn, was who I knew.

We had our first meeting. There was an investor and we were sitting in the same room. You could feel the Holy Spirit there. We spent a little time talking about business and more time talking about our testimonies. There’s a reason why I wasn’t pushing for smooth jazz. I grew up in a very strict church denomination. I was licensed as a minister there. I had this mindset back then too. You aren’t supposed to play jazz because it was a sin to play jazz and listen to jazz or play certain sports.

When it came time for that, the Lord had already strategically taken me out of that denomination and gave me a better understanding of what His will was for me. In saying all of that, once the door opened, I knew it was okay but some other denominations said that I left God and then got around. They didn’t even see that my album title was talking about Jesus. They decided to make it seem like I was wrong when God was orchestrating the whole thing.

This is such an important story that you shared because God is everywhere and He wants his people to be witnessing and ministering everywhere. Sometimes, we have these notions in our minds that limit God. What he was doing was opening up a wider door for you rather than limiting. I’m delighted to hear that. I’m glad that you had the divine appointments that showed you that this was the door for you. Ron, another one of your songs is The Walk. For those who listen to the show on podcast channels and YouTube, they will hear The Walk as the intro and outro music. Ron, we know that every song has its inspirations. Tell us about The Walk.

The Walk

Every song on my albums has a spiritual meaning and I like to say the story behind it. With The Walk, I’ve tried my best to walk in the will of the Lord, be an example to whoever I’m around, and let God’s light shine through me. That’s where this inspiration for The Walk comes from. As I have walked in the walk, the mindset of the individuals that we were talking about earlier and the other denominations have observed, seen my walk, and knew that I had not turned my back on God. They even attended my concerts.

There was even a bishop’s wife at my birthday celebration at the Soiled Dove. The Soiled Dove serves alcohol there and things like that. Normally, these people would not go into a place like that. They’ll go into a restaurant but to make a long story short, they came to celebrate me because I celebrate God. My parents wouldn’t listen to jazz music until I got into jazz. It’s because they knew what walk I was walking.

That is such a powerful story because not only was God opening up a way for you. It was also impacting other people who might have had a more view, I should say, of God, who He is, and where He shows up. That’s freeing for everyone, not you in that case.

If we don’t over-spiritualize everything and truly have an understanding that a walk with God is about relationships and not about all of these other things, the world would be a better place.

That is so much for sure that it would be a better place. I’m glad that you were able to do that. Let me comment. I remember when I was at your 50th birthday concert. Many people of God were there and attended. Even though it was at the Soiled Dove and it was the first time I’d ever seen, someone bring a baby to the Soiled Dove for that concert. It was like a church service. When the people of God gather, it is the church, even though we were at the Soiled Dove. It can change the atmosphere depending on who’s present.

I honestly felt the Lord gave me a release to have fun that night but no matter what I do, it seems like the anointing flows and we worship. That’s the best birthday gift ever, to be in the midst of a lot of people worshiping God like that.

That is the truth and it was an exciting concert. It was outstanding. I would simply say that each concert of yours that I go to gets better and better as you get freed up more and more in the Lord and with your gifts. It was a wonderful experience. For anybody who missed it, don’t miss the next concert. Ron, let me dial back to something else.

You are an ordained minister. In the past, you’ve served as a youth pastor. You’ve been the Minister of Music multiple times in different churches. You’re serving in a more flexible capacity at your church. One way I would talk about it as an analogy is when you think about a person who’s a pastor of a congregation, they have a lot of commitments and they’re tied down to being there at certain times and seasons.

Whereas an evangelist is freed up. They can go out and minister at other churches or stay home. In this season, where God has freed you up, you’re still in ministry, just not tied to a job that ties you to a place. What has that season been like? What has it done for you? What is new and different that you’re in that free space?

I’ve always known that I’ve had an evangelical calling in my life to where I can go freely to minister to different people, whether it’s in church or outside of church. The Lord did show me that vision, me holding the sax in one hand and the Bible in the other hand in front of a countless number of people. I was wide awake, there was a vision. In this season, I’m in the serving mode. No matter how small or how big the church or event is, I’m willing to go serve. I played a small event out if you know where Colfax Avenue is in Denver. I played a small outdoor event last summer in 2022. In this season, I’m in serve mode. I’m trying to win souls for Christ for His glory. As the Lord let me know, music is a tool to get people to listen to me tell them about Him.

A lot of artists who would be, let’s say, Top Billboard artists might not go to a small venue. They might say, “Gather a few other churches together and they might show up.” One of the things I love about your heart of service to God and that ministry mantle that’s on your life is you don’t let things like that stop you. You even came to my small church in Colorado Springs and ministered to us here as well. I want to thank you for hearing God and knowing that he’s got people who need to hear about him through you everywhere.

Thank you and your congregation for having me. I was truly honored. The Lord blessed me through the word that day and through the love that your congregation shared with me and my family.

Isn’t it like God to make it work in both directions? That’s always a blessing and the way that He certainly operates. As we’re thinking about this time in this season in your life, what would you say that you are most grateful for?

I’m most grateful for my family and the opportunity to serve my family. I firmly believe that we’re in the, not the last days but the very last days. I believe the Lord is knocking on the door. I’m trying to win my children, grandchildren, aunts, cousins, and uncles. Ministry starts at home. No matter how many I reach outside but I’m not impacting my home, which is my first ministry, that’s counterproductive. Family is important.

It’s one of our priorities if we have a family. Thank you for thinking about them in that priority slot. Another song from you is Talking About Jesus. As you’ve been saying, that’s what it’s all about. Tell us about that song.

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That’s what I do talk about Jesus. Here’s one quick interesting story behind that one. I was at the beginning of my career trying to get a concert promoter to give me concerts around the country. He said, “Can we tone down the Jesus thing a little bit?” I said, “Will I be able to sell my CDs there?” He said, “Of course.” I said, “What’s that title?” He said, “Talking about Jesus.” I said, “That’s what I’m going to do.” That’s my whole inspiration for that. Everything that I put on that album was talking about Jesus and that was the title track of that album.

Ron, that’s interesting about the promoter. In that case, did you do that concert?

He was going to be hired to get me to several concerts around the country. I ended up not working with him on that because he felt like I was a problem, which is okay with me because I’m not going to deny my Lord in front of man.

Amen to that. Your whole ministry is about talking about Jesus and to cut that out destroys the ministry. Let me ask about that because this song and cuts from this album have been played again on both gospel and secular stations. How has the title impacted the play of this particular album?

Consuming Fire

As you know, the Lord showed me that vision in 1997 and God does things well. When Consuming Fire was my first radio single at a big-time radio, should I say, they openly talked about my song on SiriusXM. There’s a gentleman by the name of Tony Coulter. He’s no longer with us but he was a very good friend of mine through that process. He would say, “We have Ron McMillon talking about Jesus.” There were a lot of Christian sax players out there who were inspired by that because they hadn’t heard that much. There’s Falling in Love with Jesus by Kirk Whalum. He’s a living legend. On SiriusXM Watercolors, you don’t hear talk like that often.

What I love about that is that you’re talking about the leadership that you were exercising also in your genre and in music to say, “This is possible.” People will tell you to tone it down and it’s not possible. However, at the end of the day, you have to trust God in where he’s leading you, and as you say, be willing to stand for Him.

That’s why it’s the Christian gospel saxophonist. I’m not just going to say jazz or only inspirational. I want people to know that I’m doing this as a Christian for Christ. I’m not doing it by means of just entertainment.

The last time that you were with me, we were talking about a book that you were going to write. I wanted to check in. This book is about a memoir of your life, some important events that happened in your life, which I’m going to do a preview and say, you will come back to the show and we’re going to unpack the story and testimony of your life, which is pretty profound. What’s the status of that book at this point?

I’m still working on it. Life is a juggling act and the Lord hasn’t given me a very strong conviction to focus only on that. I have been able to verbally share my testimony with a lot of people and congregations. It’s been a blessing to a lot of people verbally. I’m still working on the book, Dr. Karen. Thank you for keeping me accountable.

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This is great because here’s what I do know. When the time is right, God will put it heavily on your heart, open up the space, and the book will get done. In the meantime, you are telling the story, which in a word I’m going to say is a story about the profound nature of God’s second chances. I look forward to talking to you more about that as well. That’s to come. To those of you reading, know that you have another episode to look forward to.

Ron, I also want to ask about something else because you mentioned this last time. Attending your concerts, I know that you typically end those concerts with a powerful song, Total Praise. You had said you were going to record that. I will say this for those who don’t know, Ron, your version of Total Praise is so phenomenal and outstanding. It needs to be recorded and out there. Where are you on recording Total Praise?

Darren and I had spoken about that within the past couple of years and it’s still on the table. He’s been very busy as a producer. I’m contemplating doing another single for the radio. Even in saying that I probably have to schedule him some months out, when that time comes, you’ll be the first to know, Dr. Karen.

As one of your premier fans, that’s a song that I love that you do. You take it to the next level. Be sure to let me know and I’ll let the audience know when it’s ready because I’m going to encourage everyone to buy Total Praise when it does come out. When you and Darren have it together, keep us informed and updated. Ron, where can people reach you? How can they get ahold of you?

You can reach me at You can buy CDs there and book me on the contact page.

What kinds of bookings would you like at this stage? What might people book you for?

I’m mainly doing church services and church functions like anniversaries, banquets, and stuff like that. I will do a concert if someone wants to hire me for that. I’m okay with all of that.

You’ve heard it. If you would like to hear more about Ron McMillon, go to You can book him for concerts and purchase the CDs. Here’s one little final note about this. At, on the video page, there’s a video of him playing Total Praise. You’ll get a little preview and sample of why he should record that song for us as well. Thank you so much, Ron, for sharing how people can get ahold of you and get more of your music.

Thank you, Dr. Karen.

You’re welcome. The other thing that I would ask you about at this point is your words of wisdom for my readers. You’ve shared many things that certainly relate to believers no matter where they are. You know that most of the people who are reading this are business people or corporate executive leaders. What are some final words of wisdom that you would like to leave with people who are in those positions?

What I would say is about diligence and having peace as you push forward in diligence for the sake of your success. If you do not see things unfolding the way that you would like them to at the moment, keep pushing forward. Hard work pays off. I know that I was called specifically for this music thing but without diligence and hard work, it would have never come to fruition. God requires us to do work as well. He’s capable of anything. He’s capable of opening the door and it’d be instantaneous but 9 times out of 10, we have to put in the work in whatever path or calling that we’re pushing forward to.

That is a very important word because sometimes in these corporate environments, people are working day and night and it seems as though it’s not having any impact, yet God wants them there, wants them to shine the light, be a witness, talk about Jesus, and all that you’re saying. What you’re saying is even though you may not be able to see it, God is still moving things around spiritually and in the heavenly for His purpose and His glory in your life.

Persevere and keep going no matter what you see because chances are He’s doing something maybe you can’t see. Glory to Glory to Glory is a song I associated with Fred Hammond and Radical for Christ. Tell us a little bit about that song.

The title speaks for itself like Total Praise. Give God total praise, glory to glory to glory, all glory to God for everything he’s done, every success in the music industry, every success with my family, for having my family, for having you, Dr. Karen, as a friend. I give all glory to God in all things. That’s the inspiration for me putting that song on the album.

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That’s such a fitting song for us to conclude on because I know that your life is about giving all the glory to God. I’m going to share the final verse, which is Psalm 96 and I’ll start with the first verse, which says, “Sing to the Lord a new song. Sing to the Lord all the earth. Sing to the Lord, bless his name. Proclaim the good news of his salvation from day to day. Declare his glory among the nations, his wonders among all peoples.” That is what it is about, declaring the glory of God to the nations and all people, and acknowledging as if we were to read further into this chapter, all the little small g gods and fake gods, none of them are worthy of the glory and praise of the true God.

I want to give a special thanks to jazz saxophonist, Ron McMillon, for permitting us to use his gifted music on our show. Thanks for reading.


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About Ron McMillon

The Voice of Leadership | Ron McMillon | Press Toward The MarkRon McMillon is a gospel smooth jazz saxophonist and recording artist. He charts on the Top 30 Billboard in the music industry; his music is played on the Music Choice TV Channel and radio worldwide, including Sirius XM Radio, where he is known as Mr. Jazz Watercolors. He has also had the privilege to play alongside high-profile artists in the Gospel/Smooth Jazz genre.

A Colorado native who studied music at the collegiate level, Ron’s sincere passion for music ministry and his love for God are the foundation for ALL his successes in the music industry. Listen today to hear five of his songs and to apply his words of wisdom from God about the role of patience, diligence, and hard work as you “Press Toward the Mark” of God’s high calling.

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November 7, 2023

Listen to Understand and Appreciate Others (Episode # 449)

In our diverse world and workplaces, we have the opportunity to listen to the perspectives and beliefs of others from different backgrounds and experiences. Dr. Karen contends that when done respectfully, such listening increases appreciation for one another and the ability to live together in peace.

Having just returned from the 2nd annual fundraising gala of Solid Rock Community Development Corporation, Dr. Karen also shares her takeaways from this event featuring the Southeast Colorado Springs community transformation work of Pastors Ben and Wanda Anderson.

Congratulations to the first Black mayor of Colorado Springs, the Honorable Mayor Yemi Mobolade, a Nigerian-American and to Dr. Wendy Birhanzel of Harrison School District 2, the Colorado School Superintendent of the year. Keynote speaker, Khadija Katherine Haynes, President and CEO of K-Solutions LLC in Denver delivered an amazing message about how to see opportunity.

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