November 7, 2023

Listen to Understand and Appreciate Others (Episode # 449)

In our diverse world and workplaces, we have the opportunity to listen to the perspectives and beliefs of others from different backgrounds and experiences. Dr. Karen contends that when done respectfully, such listening increases appreciation for one another and the ability to live together in peace.

Having just returned from the 2nd annual fundraising gala of Solid Rock Community Development Corporation, Dr. Karen also shares her takeaways from this event featuring the Southeast Colorado Springs community transformation work of Pastors Ben and Wanda Anderson.

Congratulations to the first Black mayor of Colorado Springs, the Honorable Mayor Yemi Mobolade, a Nigerian-American and to Dr. Wendy Birhanzel of Harrison School District 2, the Colorado School Superintendent of the year. Keynote speaker, Khadija Katherine Haynes, President and CEO of K-Solutions LLC in Denver delivered an amazing message about how to see opportunity.

Make a charitable contribution to the Solid Rock Community Development Corporation:


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