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January 30, 2024

More in 2024: More of God’s Plans and Purposes For You and The Word of the Year (Episode # 461)

As we embark on the new year, Dr. Karen shares her words of gratitude from both a business and personal perspective. She is thankful for her family members, new and old, and for clients who are committed to creating positive, profitable, and powerful workplace cultures and environments. Dr. Karen also shares her business visibility objectives and a template for planning the year.

Listen to this episode to hear Dr. Karen unveil “The Word of the Year” and its Biblical context. This year’s Word is a catalyst word that begins a Trifecta of benefits. The Word is rooted in the foundation of the past words of Vision, Impact, Abundance, and Possibilities. So, what is the Word? Tune in and Discover!

Start your new year in a conversation with Dr. Karen:

January 23, 2024

Pat D’Amico: How to See and Appreciate the Whole Person at Work (Episode # 460)

Pat D’Amico is the Founder and CEO of About-Face Development. With more than 30 years’ experience in the Fortune 500 medical device and pharmaceutical industries, he has worked for Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, and start-ups.  Pat’s roles have included sales, commercial operations, recruiting, marketing, and training. As a sales manager, Pat was a 4-time President’s Club winner. His specialty is designing and launching new departments, even within large established organizations.

Pat’s leadership experience also includes serving as both an enlisted soldier and a commissioned officer of the US Army. He received numerous recognitions for his leadership in both combat and humanitarian operations.

Pat holds an MS in Education (Instructional Design), a BA in World Politics, and is a member of the Entrepreneur Leadership Council. In today’s episode he uses his multiple leadership lenses to speak with Dr. Karen about how to motivate employees, retain the best talent, and deal with ego-driven leaders.

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January 16, 2024

Death of Evil Upon the Seashore: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Episode # 459)

In his powerful sermon, “The Death of Evil Upon the Seashore,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shares the story of the exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt as a metaphor for the deliverance of Black Americans from both official slavery and new forms of slavery such as the Jim Crow Laws. In this episode, Dr. Karen shares the words of Dr. King and her insights about the relevance of this 1956 sermon for today’s times. She agrees with Dr. King that:

  • Evil is present in the universe
  • Good prevails over evil
  • God saves us from the Red Seas of life and from those who follow behind us in the Red Seas with intentions to do harm

Listen or watch this episode to consider how you and your organization may best reflect God’s love and light in your workplace.

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January 9, 2024

A God-Called Marketplace Executive: Fred Sievert, Former New York Life President (Episode # 458)

When Fred Sievert first spoke with Dr. Karen, they did a two part series about Mr. Sievert’s life as a marketplace ministry executive at New York Life and later in his retirement. God has also called and destined you for great workplace impact in His service. We share this rebroadcast to inspire you at the beginning of this new year to seek God for how He wants to work through you in your workplace and in your retirement.

To reach Fred Sievert:
Fred Sievert

January 2, 2024

Sebastian’s Song Revisited (Episode # 457)

Sebastian was three years old when his parents Michael and Naomi first spoke with Dr. Karen about their concerns for the life of their precious son. Sebastian is still fighting the “incurable” cancer Myoepithelial Carcinoma (MEC). We start the year with this episode to thank God for granting Sebastian another year of life. Now four years old he continues to thrive and play with his older brother Santiago. May God bless Sebastian with many more life filled years to come. Thanks to all of you who prayed and who now pray for Sebastian.

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