January 16, 2024

Death of Evil Upon the Seashore: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Episode # 459)

In his powerful sermon, “The Death of Evil Upon the Seashore,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shares the story of the exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt as a metaphor for the deliverance of Black Americans from both official slavery and new forms of slavery such as the Jim Crow Laws. In this episode, Dr. Karen shares the words of Dr. King and her insights about the relevance of this 1956 sermon for today’s times. She agrees with Dr. King that:

  • Evil is present in the universe
  • Good prevails over evil
  • God saves us from the Red Seas of life and from those who follow behind us in the Red Seas with intentions to do harm

Listen or watch this episode to consider how you and your organization may best reflect God’s love and light in your workplace.

For a deeper dialogue, contact Dr. Karen at Dr.Karen@transleadership.com


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