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October 28, 2021

Kate Lanz: How to Leverage Male and Female Brains at Work

Kate Lanz, author of the book, All the Brains in the Business explores how to properly value brain gender differences at work. As Founder and CEO of Mindbridge, an executive coaching and business performance consultancy in the UK, she specializes in the power of neuroscience for releasing latent brain potential at work. Dr. Karen and guest Kate Lanz talk about brain gender differences as one of the biggest sources of untapped competitive advantage.

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Kate Lanz

October 26, 2021

Who is God?

As the Self-Existent Creator, Sustainer, and Beginning of all, God is The unique “I AM.” Dr. Karen explores the meaning and person of God. Why is it important to know God? What are the implications for the workplace?

October 14, 2021

Facing Job Loss and Insecurity

Job loss can be a crisis and yet with every crisis is also an opportunity. Though quite devastating to lose a job, Dr. Karen believes that everything happens for a reason. While some doors close, other doors open. In all situations, God stands ready and prepared to provide.

October 12, 2021

Marketplace Ministry: Comfort the Bereaved and Ill

Many families struggle to overcome major challenges in their lives including the illnesses and deaths of loved ones. As a leader, it is difficult to know how to respond to these tough circumstances. What can you do to ease their pain? In this episode Dr. Karen shares her own personal stories, insights, recommendations, and resources to help you help others navigate seasons of illness and bereavement in a healthy manner.

October 7, 2021

Trust More and See More

The more you trust God, the more you see what He does in your life. Dr. Karen says, “First, you have to go before you know.” Only when you go, or act in faith, do you then experience God’s power, work, and action in your life.

October 5, 2021

Conquering the Fear of Consequences

The consequences of doing right and living in integrity are often high. Ruling authorities have sometimes killed people who stood for what was right. Are you willing to die for what is right? Are you willing to lose your position because you stand in integrity? In this episode, Dr. Karen reviews highlights from the life of the Apostle Paul who was fearless about the consequences for doing right. She also shares additional questions to ask yourself. Assess your resolve for living in integrity regardless of the consequences.

October 1, 2021

Strong Relationships and Proactive Strategies Are Key to Successful Navigation of Supply Chain Disruption

  As originally posted in The Society for the Advancement of Consulting CLAREMONT, CA— Ongoing supply chain volatility and disruption are creating major challenges for manufacturers, distributors, construction firms and retail groups. The strength of your customer and supplier partnerships is critical to successfully weathering the storm and thriving with high levels of disruption, according …