October 7, 2021

Trust More and See More

The more you trust God, the more you see what He does in your life. Dr. Karen says, “First, you have to go before you know.” Only when you go, or act in faith, do you then experience God’s power, work, and action in your life.


2 thoughts on “Trust More and See More

  1. Karen

    Your are amazing! I think you found your calling, spreading the word to all those hopeless people that need just a little faith, encouragement, hope and love. Now is the time to GO World-wide. With your messages from the Bible and the Father Son and Holy Spirit, YOU Karen Wilson -Starks can shake up the world and save people from the following:
    Save people from the following:
    Save people from self- doubt by changing their thoughts to positive instead of negative. That it is ok to fail, because failure leads you
    one step closer to success. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times, that almost 3 years of failure before he invented the incandescent light bulb. Thomas Edison literally and figuratively went from Darkness to Light. Stay patient, have faith and believe and you shall achieve and shall succeed.

    Save people from anxiety and stress by giving them a God to lean on, a God to follow and a God that says do not give up TRY your best, BE STILL and KNOW THAT I AM GOD. You do not have to please anyone in this world today except for God for he will be there with you always. Being closer to God every day, every hour, every minute gives you Peace; Peace Be With YOU. Do not get caught up in the material things of this world for those things can perish and rust and wilt away but put your mind and thoughts and beliefs toward eternal life, toward God’s Kingdom, where rust and life will never perish. ( Please interview, contact and view video of Sydney McLaughlin new world record holder in the 400 m hurdles 51.46 around the track once over hurdles. Blessed by Jesus) Sydney McLaughlin was quoted as saying, Records come and go but Eternal Life last forever. 21 years old Child of God.

    Save people from make wrong choices and starting their life born again in the spirit, where truth, honesty and God fearing leads you on the RIGHT PATH of righteousness and goodness and eliminate or leave where the path to destructiveness is LEFT behind. That is the LEFT PATH which is filled with hate ,anger, greed, lies, thieves and wickedness and evil . Remember. Stay on the RIGHT PATH, because RIGHT PATH is FOLLOW GOD WORD. Leave the LEFT PATH because this path LEFT GOD behind and LEFT GOD’S beliefs and teaching behind, NEGLECT GOD WORD. Look at your Life are you GODMORE + person or a GODLESS – person. Change your thoughts, change your beliefs, change your life, it is your responsibility to make that decision and make that change

    1. Thanks Bryan for the positive thoughts and encouragement. I am still waiting for your upcoming podcast. Thanks also for the interview recommendation. We will look into it. Continued success and blessings to you and your family.

      Dr. Karen

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