May 23, 2023

Engage Everyone in God’s Word: Jos Snoep, President and CEO of The Bible League (Episode # 425)

Bible League President and CEO Jos Snoep leads the ministry by cultivating, “one relationship at a time.” Today on The Voice of Leadership, he speaks with Dr. Karen about how The Bible League, a non-profit Christian ministry, engages people in the word of God and equips the local Church.

The Bible League creates global unity in diversity through partnerships with local communities. Jos also describes the importance of a culture of prayer, the meaning of the word “league,” and how God uses these and other concepts to grow local leader missions at the grassroots level. Executive leaders can apply the same principles of prayer, listening, relationship, and partnership for success in leading their corporate businesses.

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2 thoughts on “Engage Everyone in God’s Word: Jos Snoep, President and CEO of The Bible League (Episode # 425)

  1. Bible League International is continuing to impact the Southern Africa community with God’s Word through Project Philip Training, Church Planters Training and Prison Project Philip.
    The schools, churches, nonprofit organizations and Corrections Ministry are impacted and transformed into people who are following Jesus and showing the fruits through their local church commitment to serve.
    The communities are grateful for the free workshop that helps the partners to facilitate the small groups to study the Word of God using booklets that meets the needs of Children, Youth and Adults!

    Glory to God. I believe that Jesus’s is preparing His Church through the Word and the power of Holy Spirit. Jos and Executive Team are great leaders and Bible League International is a wonderful organization that enables all of us to serve wholeheartedly and touch many hearts.

    1. Thank you Christopher. Thanks for your comment/update on the ministry and for listening to the podcast. I am a true fan of The Bible League. God is enabling great acts on His behalf through Jos and The Bible League team. Thank you for your contributions.

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