August 22, 2023

Brian Smith, Founder of UGG Boots: The Journey from Vision and Infancy to Billions (Episode # 438)

Brian Smith, The Founder of UGG Boots has charted his own course to become one of the great entrepreneurial success stories of our time. As a native Australian, his vision in 1978 was to put a pair of UGG sheepskin boots on every American. In each of the past five years, sales of UGG products have exceeded a billion dollars.

Brian calls his book, “The Birth of a Brand,” an entrepreneurial road map. Today, on The Voice of Leadership, Brian speaks with Dr. Karen about growing his company from vision to infancy, the toddler years, and beyond. In this insightful interview Brian shares important lessons on sales and marketing, raising capital, financial forecasting, manufacturing, competition, and how to ride the entrepreneurial waves to a billion dollar company. No matter where you are in your executive leadership journey, these insights are for you.

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