May 28, 2024

Rick Gang, CEO and Co-Founder of Holistic HomeCare Associates: Reinvent Your Business and Industry (Episode # 478)

Rick Gang is the CEO and co-founder of Holistic HomeCare Associates based in Riverdale, New York. Fueled by the chaos of trying to hunt down top-notch caregivers in the jungle of traditional home care agencies, Holistic reinvented home care. They make hiring a breeze, the family the boss, and weave ethical and compassionate high quality into every fiber of the process.

As a seasoned home care expert with nearly four decades of experience in home care management, Rick speaks with Dr. Karen about his business growth and learning journey through change, innovation, agility, flexibility, and reinvention. He also shares how he uses technology and outside advisement to bring the best solutions to his clients and exponential growth and profitability to his company.

Listen today to hear how Rick ensures he and his team meet every client with white-glove service, deep understanding of the home care landscape, kindness, and a smile. Use these same executive leadership insights for accelerated success and profitability in your business.

Contact Rick Gang at (646-240-4888)


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