December 2, 2022

Your Biggest Breakthrough with Wendie Pett and Todd Isberner (YBB Episode 90)

Imagine being told from a very young age that the church your family attends is the only real church in the world? That even the thought of leaving the church is tantamount to rebellion against God? Our guest on today’s episode experienced that, and let’s just say it had a negative effect on her.

After becoming wise to the ways of the world, Dr. Karen Y. Wilson-Starks realized the folly of such a doctrine and finally left her church. But it came at a cost of also leaving the only identity in Jesus she had ever known.

A true “wilderness experience” as she puts it.

But those who have tasted the good things of God always come back to Him, and Karen did so eventually. She’s dealt with her fair share of legalism and man-made criteria as an adult after rediscovering her love for God, but has also met legit shining lights for the Gospel. So much so that she ministers to those who have endured similar estrangement from the Truth and encourages them to seek and find Jesus.


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