June 29, 2021

“Winning the Race to Unity” in Corporations

Dr. Clarence Shuler is the President and CEO of Building Lasting Relationships. As a Diversity Consultant he has worked with numerous organizations to include the War College of the US Air Force, the US Army’s European-Based Equal Opportunity Advisors, the Moody Bible Institute, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. An author of ten books, his book Winning the Race to Unity is a guidebook on how to leverage diversity for mutual benefit. Today, Dr. Karen and her guest talk about how companies can move from symbolic to sustainable change and why the terms racial reconciliation and anti-racism are not helpful.

Reach today’s guest at ClarenceShuler.com

Dr. Clarence Shuler BLR


2 thoughts on ““Winning the Race to Unity” in Corporations

  1. I’m just a Lady who has lived her life in Rural Georgia…
    Children in my Community has been my Discipleship for 30 yrs ..
    I’ve worked with 125 organizations
    I have well over 5000 babies(children in my community) over the years
    Help Hope is needed in Rural Communities our leaders are dying
    Our leader are locked up and locked out

    1. Dear Priscilla, Thanks for your comment and thanks for your life saving work in rural Georgia where the need is great. Hopefully, you heard an idea or two from Dr. Shuler that you can use in your community. Thanks for caring and living a life that makes a difference for others.

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