October 3, 2023

Want to Lead with Wisdom? Choose to be Sober-Minded (Episode # 444)

If people could see the impact that alcohol has on them and how they look and behave while under the influence, would they choose to drink to excess? In today’s episode, Dr. Karen reveals the advantages of leading with wisdom and sobriety. She intricately weaves together her parents’ practices, Biblical counsel, and insights she gained during her college years as a late-night desk receptionist.

Her stories detail the reasons for her personal commitment to sobriety and illustrate the importance of clarity of thought, sound judgement, and wise decision making for executive leaders. As a marketplace ministry leader, how can you best lead your company with God’s wisdom and soberness of mind?

Collaborate with Dr. Karen to access the mind of Christ for your Company: Dr.Karen@transleadership.com


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