February 28, 2023

The Impact of Values, Community, and Systems on Diversity and Inclusion with Dr. Monica Corbitt Rivers (Episode # 408)

Dr. Monica Corbitt Rivers, a consulting psychologist, coaches executive leaders and organizations to align their actions with their values. In addition to consulting, she has held corporate executive roles in health care, served as an academic, and as a non-profit leader. Dr Rivers holds a B.A. in psychology from Spelman College and a PhD in clinical psychology from Vanderbilt University. Her work has spanned multiple industries to include healthcare, technology, clergy leadership, entertainment, and more.

Today on the Voice of Leadership, she speaks with Dr. Karen about her “ecological” perspective on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and how digital education creates role and income mobility for all, and especially historically underserved populations.

Connect with Dr. Monica Corbitt Rivers on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/corbittriversandcompany/



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