November 20, 2020

The Business Elevation Show with Chris Cooper: Dr. Karen and The Call for Positive Leadership

“We are living in a momentous period of history with great divides in ideology, high anxiety and isolation as our homes, families, networks, and livelihoods are disrupted by the global pandemic. There is a need for positive leadership to end prejudice, rebuild economics and personal and planetary wellbeing, creating unification and utilising technology and wisdom to resolve the many issues we face. Rarely in most of our lifetimes has there been a greater need for positive high integrity leadership. Join us as I talk to Dr. Karen Y. Wilson-Starks the President and CEO of TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC. and host of the podcast, The Voice of Leadership and TV show Dr. Karen Speaks Leadership. Author of Lead Yourself First. With more than 30 years of experience as a trusted advisor, former Army officer and psychologist Karen and I will explore the call for positive leadership and how we can all play our part in rebuilding a better future.” ~Host Chris Cooper

To listen to this episode, click here.


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