July 26, 2022

Shundrawn Thomas: Top Executive, Wall Street Insider, and Man of Faith

Black Enterprise Magazine identified Shundrawn Thomas as one of the 75 most powerful Blacks on Wall St. and one of the most powerful executives in corporate America. Most recently President and Chief Executive of Northern Trust Asset Management and Management Group member, he also held key roles at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Known industry wide as an innovator in investment management and a champion of socially responsible investing, Shundrawn is also the author of four books, including Discover Joy in Work: Transforming Your Occupation into Your Vocation. Today he speaks with Dr. Karen about his unique brand of leadership, how he successfully navigated corporate America as a Black man in top financial services companies, and his new business venture.

Reach Shundrawn Thomas at ShundrawnThomas.com


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