June 13, 2023

Secret Sauce Success: Howard Behar, Founding International President of Starbucks (Episode # 428)

Howard Behar, Founding International President and former Board member of Starbucks says the Starbucks “secret sauce” of success is people first at every level of the organization. Howard adds, “You grow the people, they grow the organization, and the organization grows the business.” Howard’s leadership took Starbucks from 28 stores to more than 15,000 on five continents.

His career accomplishments span 50 years in consumer-oriented businesses, to include 21 years serving at Starbucks. Today in his conversation with Dr. Karen, Howard reveals the importance of shared values, diverse abilities, and the Monday night dinners of H2O, the top three leaders. He also gives powerful examples of how backing the innovative ideas of team members paid off with meteoric success.

Find Howard Behar’s books “It’s Not About the Coffee,” and “The Magic Cup” online and in stores.

Contact Howard Behar at hb@howardbehar.com; 206-972-7776


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