June 11, 2024

Pastor Troy Gramling: How To Reach Your God Potential and Purpose (Episode # 480)

Pastor Troy Gramling has led South Florida based Potential Church for over two decades. Through his leadership the Church has experienced remarkable growth and blossomed into a vibrant congregation of over 20,000 members in the United States and Latin America. Pastor Troy has an unwavering commitment to his vision to partner with people to reach their God potential.

Before answering his pastoral calling, Pastor Troy honed his skills as a college basketball player and later as a coach, where he sharpened the values of teamwork, discipline, and dedication, that he now imparts to his congregation.

The author of the book, “Potential: The Uncontainable Power of God Within You,” Pastor Troy is known for his creative, innovative, and unconventional teaching methods that reach people from all backgrounds.

Today, in his conversation with Dr. Karen, Pastor Troy shares examples relevant for executive business leaders on how to move past fear to creativity, how to lead and live with authenticity and vulnerability to best develop others, and how to think at least three generations ahead to create lasting legacy.

Reach Pastor Troy at TroyGramling.com


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