September 12, 2023

How to Use ChatGPT for Business Success: Interview with Chad Barr (Episode # 441)

What is the value of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool ChatGPT for business and personal life? How do you use it safely and avoid pitfalls? Guest Chad Barr demonstrates how to apply human intelligence to maximize the benefits and minimize the downsides of Chat GPT. He also addresses how to save time and get better business outcomes.

Chad Barr is the Digital Empire Creator. As the President of The Chad Barr Group, he and his company transform businesses through technological innovation. With more than 25 years of experience as an internet marketing strategist, Chad raises the “Barr” on the internet presence of his clients.

Chad is the author of “Transformation Visuals®” where a picture is worth a thousand words, “Under the Barr,” a look at the humorous side of business, and “The Bridge to Web Success,” the definitive book to stay current about what’s new in internet web presence.

Listen today as Chad shares relevant executive leadership examples with Dr. Karen.

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