May 9, 2023

God Said, “Play for Me”: Conversation with Kirby Velarde, Lead Guitarist (Episode # 423)

When Kirby Velarde started “Playing for God,” it catalyzed a process that included playing gospel music for Heritage Christian Center in Denver, Colorado, a congregation that has had up to 10,000 members, and playing for legendary gospel music great Kurt Carr.

Accomplished musician Kirby Velarde was born into a musical family. He elevated his artistic pedigree to new heights when he followed God’s call on his life. On today’s episode of The Voice of Leadership, Kirby plays his music and tells Dr. Karen about the expansion of his musical journey to include gospel music.

Kirby describes how he connects to God through music, and how corporate executives can also access God’s favor, embrace their unique talent, and leverage inspiration and preparation to serve at the highest levels.

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