February 13, 2024

Giji Dennard: What Corporate Executives Need to Know About Father-Child Relations (Episode # 463)

Fathers affect how their sons and daughters show up at work and also how they relate to their own children. Giji Mischel Dennard, the CEO of Well Fed Resources articulates a definition of the Father’s role that builds on the strengths and gifts men already use in their corporate jobs. She expands the definition of “Provider” to include more than financial provision.

Giji debuted as a voice in the fatherlessness movement in 2012 after publishing the first edition of “Hungry for Wholeness: A Call to Pursue Healing & Restoration in Your Father-Child Relationship. She was also the opening keynote speaker for the inaugural Father-Shift Conference.

In today’s episode she shares her insights about Father-Child relationships from personal experience, her research, and her consulting work with sons and daughters. She invites fathers to conduct a “Benefit Analysis” and to experience the ROI from stepping up to Biblical Fatherhood. Giji speaks with Dr. Karen about the role of fathers in identity development, unconditional acceptance, achievement, honor, and mentoring their children.

Contact Giji Dennard at www.wellfedresources.com


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