December 12, 2023

“Built to Beat Chaos” with Gary Harpst (Episode # 454)

Gary Harpst is the CEO of LeadFirst where he develops powerful business and faith intersections for Christian executives in fast growing entrepreneurial companies. Now in his fifth decade as a CEO, Gary brings wisdom and experience to create organizational agility, and whole business, whole person health strategies for kingdom impact businesses.

An entrepreneur himself, Gary founded three successful businesses, one of which merged and was sold to Microsoft. He has authored three impactful books, the latest of which is, “Built to Beat Chaos.” Gary makes the Biblical case that we are all created to overcome chaos. He says, “Chaos is not our problem, but our purpose.”

In today’s episode Gary speaks with Dr. Karen about how to successfully lead a business by Christian principles, purpose, and values. He shares numerous examples of the benefit to people even when the people have different beliefs.

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