March 14, 2023

A Conversation with Gene Early, PhD on Vision, Company Culture, and Listening to God (Episode # 412)

Company culture is a fundamental part of every organization and has the power to determine long-term viability. Today’s guest, Gene Early, is an accomplished entrepreneur who co-founded Genomic Health, a Silicon Valley molecular diagnostic company and trailblazer in personalized medicine. Gene was also the first to bring the globally recognized Neuro-Linguistic Programming process to Europe. He has a PhD in leadership and organizational development and works as a strategic advisor to global leaders.

Today on The Voice of Leadership, Gene shares his insights on the importance of innovation, system transformation, and personalized solutions to meet the rapid rate of change and enhance constituency loyalty. He also speaks with Dr. Karen about his faith journey and a special life-changing encounter with God.

Reach Gene Early at Find his books and articles on Amazon and LinkedIn


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