February 8, 2022

The Black Church Past and Present: A Conversation with Pastors Ben and Wanda Anderson

The Black Church has a history of being a place of emotional refuge, leadership training, physical sustenance, the heartbeat of the civil rights movement, and a safe place to worship God with dignity. What relevance does the Black Church have today and into the future? Dr. Karen reviews a history of the official start of the Black Church in America. She and her guests, Pastor Ben Anderson, Senior Pastor of Solid Rock Christian Center in Colorado Springs and his wife, Pastor Wanda Anderson also add their insights. This segment is Part I of a conversation with the Andersons. In Part II they will share more about the groundbreaking and innovative approaches to ministry they have started at Solid Rock Christian Center.

Reach the Andersons at solidrock-cs.org; Pastor@solidrock-cs.org

Pastor Wanda Anderson Solid Rock Christian Pastor Ben Anderson Solid Rock Christian


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