August 25, 2021

Creating Customer Advocates During Supply Chain Disruption

We invite you to view this panel as a group of Supply Chain experts, including Dr. Karen Y. Wilson-Starks, President and CEO of TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC. ®, speak about Supply Chain Disruption.

The worldwide supply chain has been severely disrupted. Knowing your supplier, and your supplier’s supplier, and your supplier’s supplier’s supplier has never been more important. However no matter how strategic you are with your supply chain, delays and longer lead times are inevitable. The question now becomes, how do you manage your customers over such an extended buying and delivery cycle? The businesses who are not communicating effectively and often with their customers are now going to lose market share in what many now predict to be the start of a decade-long boom. Now is not the time to lose customers.

Listen to our panel of experts as they discuss and debate what is required today to keep your business growing tomorrow.


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