November 22, 2022

Conversation with Todd Isberner and Wendie Pett: Marriage in God’s Way and Timing (Episode #388)

Todd Isberner and Wendie Pett knew they were soul mates from the beginning, yet it would take more than five years for their families to get on board. Both used their experiences from previous marriages as learning and growth opportunities. Committed to a godly courtship, they trusted God to work out the details. Today, Todd and Wendie speak candidly with Dr. Karen about what they do to keep their marriage vibrant and how they help other couples. Wendie also talks about her concept of the body as a Total gym and how she used her expertise in natural fitness to heal her broken clavicle without surgery. Tune in to their podcast, Your Biggest Breakthrough and to Wendie’s podcast, Visibly Fit.

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