August 23, 2022

Conversation with Psychologist Colleagues about What Companies Can Do to Address Workplace Mental Health

For the last few years, we have lived through the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant illnesses and deaths, social isolation due to virtual work, school, and spiritual services, racial unrest, mass shootings, lethal weather events, and now growing inflation. Today, Dr. Karen speaks with her guests, Dr. Tonya Armstrong, Dr. Len Wysocki, and Dr. JC Wright about the mental health challenges they see in coaching, consulting, and clinical clients. They also talk about the practical steps companies can take to be effective.


Dr. Tonya Armstrong: On LinkedIn, FB, and IG;
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Dr. JC Wright: JC Wright PhD or Julianne C. Wright on LinkedIn Messenger

Dr. JC Wright
Dr. JC Wright
Dr. Tonya Armstron
Dr. Tonya Armstrong
Dr. Len Wysocki
Dr. Len Wysocki

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