June 27, 2023

“My Mentor Walks on Water”: Donna Johnson (Episode # 430)

Donna Johnson, one of the most successful and highly respected sales professionals in her Direct Marketing Business is also the recipient of her company’s Lifetime Achievement Award. What is the secret of her success? In her book, “My Mentor Walks on Water,” Donna talks about the courage and power to step out of the boat to speak the truth with love in the workplace. Donna also knows that, with many voices all around her, she answers to only “One”. She further says, “My business is not my idol, rather a tool.”

Donna and her husband Thomas also operate “Spirit Wings Kids”, a charity that funds orphanages in India and Africa, along with a Permaculture farm and soccer academy in Uganda. Listen today as Donna Johnson and Dr. Karen explore more water walking mentor insights.

Contact Donna at mentordonnajohnson.com


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