July 25, 2019

You’re Invited to the Legendary Leadership Summit 2019!

Do you want to have more confidence when leading your team?

Do you want to be able to communicate your objectives in a way that your team buys-in?

This event is for you.

I’m one of the experts on the Legendary Leadership Summit and you’re invited to join me! I am speaking TODAY from 3:00-4:30 MT/ 5:00-6:30 ET.

Register Here for your free seat.

Good news, this isn’t your typical leadership talk. And this isn’t your typical web-summit.

This summit will take the mystery and hard work out of leadership for you, so you’ll never be plagued by limiting beliefs like these again . . .

  • “No one will listen to my ideas.”
  • “Won’t I have to convince people to work with me?”
  • “Won’t they just ignore what I tell them”, etc. . . .

Simply attend the upcoming Legendary Leadership Summit, discover the step by step process of leading with confidence and ease and be sure to take lots of notes.

Space is limited. Reserve Your Seat Here

To Your Success,

Dr. Karen Y. Wilson-Starks


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