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Senior Consulting Staff

    We have a team of 10 Ph.D. level senior consultants who partner with your senior leaders to achieve leadership transformation results. Each consultant is educated in the behavioral sciences or business fields and all have a minimum of five years of experience applying their skills in the corporate or other business arenas. Once we do an initial assessment of your company's needs, appropriate staff members are assigned to partner with you in achieving your desired business results. Although the majority of our consultants are located in Colorado, some are also on the East or West coasts. All staff travel both within and outside of the United States. Our team is diverse in terms of ethnicity, cultural background, and gender. We also have some limited capacity to respond to a need for Spanish speaking coaches or consultants.

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TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC. listens to your concerns and goals and analyzes your organizational needs before suggesting any course of action. Our focus is always on providing practical solutions with measurable results.