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Transleadership Teambuilding Retreats

Improve corporate culture, group dynamics, team cohesion, and increased comfort with risk-taking. Identify and plan how to communicate and implement new directions and initiatives. Enhance the communication and performance of your business team. Learn to problem-solve and give constructive feedback in the group context. Take the opportunity to work on team and individual issues through establishing group norms and identifying how to implement and communicate the vision. Practice relevant interpersonal skills and business decision-making using real business issues of importance to the group. Reenergize your work force, integrate new hires into a fast paced corporate culture, and confront individual and group comfort zones. Increase mutual respect, decompress, and create valuable memories. Your retreat will be custom tailored to your company needs. Let us help you create an unforgettable and productive teambuilding experience for your group!

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100% customized consulting and training aligns organizations around common language, concepts and leadership models, and provides an organizational road map for large or small-scale culture change.