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2004 News


Dr. Wilson-Starks is accepted into the Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC). SAC is a professional organization that recognizes senior consultants and provides a forum for those who have achieved consulting distinction to network and share best practices with one another. SAC members abide by the highest code of ethics and conduct. When clients choose to work with a SAC member, they can be assured they are working with a consultant who has been recognized in the field as having a proven track record for obtaining results and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.


"Leading and Advising in the New Millennium: Unlocking the Complexity of Multicultural Leadership" was the subject of Dr. Karen Wilson-Starks' presentation to the American Psychological Association Division of Consulting Psychology in Pasadena, CA on 7 February. Dr. Greg Pennington of RHR International and Andrea Wieland, MBA, of Winning Systems, Inc. were co-presenters. Dr. Wilson-Starks identified Multicultural Leadership Land Mines when working with companies to create inclusive environments. Her presentation focused on traps for both clients and consultants such as failure to recognize the impact of corporate politics and inadvertently using methods that don't achieve the intended results. Aspects of these issues are also highlighted in relevant research. She also talked about best practices for trusted advisors in each of these situations.


TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC. in partnership with the Elevation Group and the Christian Management Association graduates 14 Christian business leaders from a variety of nationwide global Christian-based organizations and ministries. The senior Christian business leaders participated in a year-long process that included three separate training weeks with TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC. in Colorado Springs and individual executive coaching between classes with professional coaches from the Elevation Group.

On graduation night, 4 March, participants spoke with eloquence and passion about how the Executive Leadership Program had changed their lives and their effectiveness in their respective ministries. TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC. in combination with Paul Jones from the Center for Creative Leadership, developed a brand new curriculum marrying the best of current leadership expertise with an innovative blend of Biblical leadership principles and examples. Dr. Wilson-Starks' model of the Spiritual Character of Leadership was also a central component of the course.

100% customized consulting and training aligns organizations around common language, concepts and leadership models, and provides an organizational road map for large or small-scale culture change.



Women's Assessment Program

Dr. Wilson-Starks was one of the lead facilitators for the Women's Assessment Program at the Western Management Development Center in Denver, CO from 4-9 April. Women from a variety of government agencies worldwide attended the course to learn more about their leadership strengths, development needs, and personal style characteristics. In addition to the usual courses on these subjects Dr. Wilson-Starks also addressed best practices for advancing women to senior leadership positions and she developed a new module on emotional intelligence in the workplace. The next course is scheduled for August 2005.

Portland Think Tank

A small group of invited entrepreneurial CEO business leaders with expertise and interest in leadership development and business development met in Portland, Oregon in mid-April at a meeting hosted by Wycliffe USA to explore new possibilities for sharing expertise with developing nations. Dr. Wilson-Starks was one of the invited participants. The group concluded that there is a need for more innovative ways to help build developing nations and to equally address physical, spiritual, and leadership needs. Real-life case examples and models were presented and new ideas brainstormed. The group will re-convene with an expanded participant list in October. In the meantime, a small interim leadership group was selected and all Think Tank members are remaining in contact by email and telephone.



Delahoussaye making most of second chance

Clemson golfer, Brent Delahoussaye struggles with his game. Dr. Wilson-Starks shares tips with the Greenville News on the relationship between stress and performance and the value of a temporary return to the comfort zone. Some of these same principles also hold true for business leaders. See the article, "Delahoussaye making most of second chance" in the 31 May edition of the Greenville News.


The ChevronTexaco Management Institute (CTMI) will be held in San Ramon, CA from 4-8 October. This year the CTMI will include CEO's and Executive Directors from a number of non-profit organizations. ChevronTexaco remains committed to providing the highest level of leadership expertise to non-profit executives who otherwise might not have access to these resources. CTMI faculty includes, Dr. Karen Wilson-Starks, President and CEO of TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC., Frances Hesselbein, Chairman of the Leader to Leader Institute, formerly the Drucker Foundation; Juana Bordas, President of Mestiza Leadership International, and Nadir Muwawakkil, President of Vision Group International.

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2003 Highlights


After the recent debacles of Enron and WorldCom, the importance of effective leadership has become more critical than ever in a company's success. On Sunday, 16 March, Dr. Wilson-Starks was interviewed by eWomen Network, a national radio broadcast on WBAP News/Talk 820 AM. She listed Character as the number one leadership competency critical for executive success. "Without character you don't know to which opportunities you should say 'yes' or 'no'", said Dr. Wilson-Starks.

She also talked about the leadership challenges facing companies today and the difference between average and great companies. Dr. Wilson-Starks described average companies as taking a short-term, bottom line view that focuses only on task. In contrast, great companies were described as taking a long-term view that focuses on the people who accomplish the tasks. "In great companies", she said, "People are inspired by the company values and reason for being."Learn more about the eWomen Network or to hear the 16 March broadcast featuring Dr. Wilson-Starks, by visiting

Have you ever wondered about the best regions in the country to start an entrepreneurial business or how to get started in a new community? Dr. Wilson-Starks addressed these issues in the March issue of Black Enterprise Magazine where she said, "It's important to establish personal credibility. Personal credibility is derived from consistently delivering excellence." She added, "It's also important to reach out and begin the process of establishing relationships ahead of your arrival." "Think about the needs and opportunities in your new community and how they match with your skills and abilities. Be flexible and willing to change. What you do in your new community may be different from what you did in your previous community", said Dr. Wilson-Starks. For more information on Black Enterprise Magazine, visit

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2002 Highlights


ChevronTexaco Management Institute (CTMI) Helps Build Leadership Excellence for National Urban League (NUL) CEOs

The ChevronTexaco Management Institute (CTMI) is designed to help non-profit leaders to obtain the same resources for leadership excellence as their for-profit counterparts. ChevronTexaco has been providing CTMI support to the non-profit community since 1996. This is the second year for ChevronTexaco to offer the course to the National Urban League (NUL).

This year, 21 NUL affiliate CEOs from throughout the U.S. participated in an intense leadership development program covering such topics as strategic thinking, collaborative leadership, situational leadership, best practice strategies for NUL executives, and diversity and empowerment. The program also included use of a 360-feedback tool and one-to-one feedback sessions for each CEO.

CTMI-NUL got off to an exciting start with Frances Hesselbein, Founding President and Chairman of the Board of the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Non-Profit Management, who dialogued with participants about "Leadership in a World that is Round." Other course faculty included Juana Bordas, President of Mestiza Leadership International, Dr. Karen Wilson-Starks, President of TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC. and Nadir Muwwakkil, President of Vision Group International.

"It is an honor and privilege to offer our leadership tools and expertise to serve community leaders. The National Urban League has the important mission of providing leadership in the African American Community for the objectives of quality education, economic self-reliance, and racial inclusion," said Dr. Wilson-Starks. "We applaud corporate citizens like ChevronTexaco who understand that corporate success extends beyond the walls of the corporation to include the entire community. TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC. is pleased to be a part of this vital effort."

Please visit these websites for additional information:

Hugh Price, President and CEO of the National Urban League at the CTMI opening with Affiliate CEO, Darnell Williams of Eastern Massachusetts.

Dr. Wilson-Starks reviewing 360 Feedback results in the CTMI training room with NUL Affiliate CEOs, Laraine Bryson of the Tri-County Urban League in Peoria and Charles Anderson of the Detroit Urban League.

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