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The values that inspire the work of TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC. include personal purpose, excellence, contribution to society, and helping others to succeed.

Who Most Benefits from your Services?

    If you are serious about personal and business excellence and wish to unleash your peak performance, we offer the tools to accomplish your goals and want to walk with you through the fires of transformation.

    Companies Experiencing Transition or Moving to Greater Excellence

    A great time to utilize our services is in the midst of any major change such as changes in leadership, growth, downsizing, or mergers and acquisitions. Companies that are changing strategic directions, pursuing new markets, or developing new product lines also need to think about how to re-position the company and individuals for success. Leadership makes the difference in how well change is implemented and the extent to which people understand the reasons, benefits, and losses as a result of the change. Subsequent employee adjustment is dependent on how well leaders think through and address the people issues in advance. Companies are typically diligent about the technical aspects of major change efforts yet often forget to help their people through the personal and interpersonal part of the change process.

100% customized consulting and training aligns organizations around common language, concepts and leadership models, and provides an organizational road map for large or small-scale culture change.

    Senior Leaders/Corporate Executives

    Senior leaders are responsible for setting the vision and direction of the company and for ensuring the accomplishment of long-term results. We partner with senior leaders to help them develop mission, vision, values, and strategy and to articulate the same throughout the organization. The process is interactive with the senior leadership team, other divisions and departments in the corporation, and key internal and external stakeholders. Therefore we help with alignment, communication, and implementation. For example, we work with the senior leadership team to enhance communication, strategic thinking, and working effectively together to accomplish the goals of the company.

    Senior leaders also have to think about company bench strength and leadership preparedness for the challenges of the future. Consequently, we also help senior leaders to develop and implement a culture that supports ongoing succession planning and inclusive leadership development.

    Senior Human Resources and Organization Development Professionals

    Senior HR and OD professionals are often involved in large scale development planning activities for key leaders of the company as well as for high-potential and emerging leaders, teams, and special groups like women and people of color. They are also asked to help assess cultural/climate issues and to make necessary interventions. In addition, as members of the senior leadership team, senior HR and OD professionals have a role as strategic thinkers about business issues impacting the company. Our role is to partner with senior HR/OD leaders to think through the leadership issues and appropriate responses for maximizing leadership growth and excellence. Sometimes we are a confidential sounding board, a strategy partner, and/or a provider of confidential services for senior leaders.

    High-Potential/Emerging Leaders

    We are especially passionate about helping those leaders who are on the company fast track to success. With emerging leaders there is the opportunity to build in best-practices before itís too late and their careers are almost over. We help high-potential leaders to:

      1. Know and understand their leadership strengths and development needs
      2. Develop effective plans and strategies for best deploying their strengths and minimizing the negative impacts of their development needs
      3. Learn the leadership and business skill lessons available through their current jobs
      4. Identify skills and abilities needed in the future and to structure opportunities for obtaining and practicing those skills
      5. Strategically plan career moves/opportunities
      6. Identify and use coaching, mentoring, and other internal and external resources

    Individual Contributors/Technical Managers

    Individual contributors are tasked with making significant contributions to the organization in areas where they donít always have staffs to carry out the work or decision-making authority to ensure that things get done. Technical Managers are tasked with leading people when they may have been promoted for their technical expertise in fields such as engineering or bio-chemistry and have had little if any leadership development. Depending on the situation, we might offer technical managers many of the same services we offer to newly promoted managers or to high-potential and emerging leaders. Some other areas we address with individual contributors and technical managers include help to:

      1. Position ideas for acceptance and implementation
      2. Get work done through peers, partners, and others over whom one does not have line authority or control
      3. Influence key leaders, decision-makers, and stakeholders
      4. Effectively navigate corporate politics


    When entrepreneurs are forward-thinking enough to recognize that leadership is the primary key to success in accomplishing their business goals and when the business is at the stage when they are growing, hiring more people, and getting on top of the technology of their business, then it may be a good time to partner with TRANSLEADERSHIP to invest in leadership development. The success of venture backed entrepreneurial companies depends on leadership. Venture capitalists recognize that financial backing and a good idea are not enough to lead to successful implementation. Thus careful attention is also paid to the quality of the leadership team. The more complex the organization becomes, the more crucial is addressing the leadership challenges. We help entrepreneurs to think through the right people, the right resources, and the right conditions.

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With what kinds of Clients have you previously worked?

    Corporate Clients

    • Manufacturing companies
    • Service organizations
    • Telecommunications
    • Financial institutions
    • Oil and gas companies

    Non-Profit Organizations

    • Foundations
    • Professional membership organizations
    • Those providing services for youth


    • US Army
    • Public Utilities
    • Major Federal Agencies

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How do we get started?

    Call today for a complimentary consultation and review of your organization's leadership development needs. Once we understand your strategic issues, goals, strengths, business challenges, accomplishments, cultural climate, and barriers, we will be able to propose some options for addressing your concerns and for achieving measurable results.

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Are there any limitations to where you work?

    There are no limitations on where we work. We work anywhere in the US and in most foreign countries. Our staff and materials are easily transportable and our services can be conducted at your place of business, or any off-site destination of your choice. We will advise you concerning the kinds of facilities or atmosphere required for the type of program or intervention being considered. Some services, such as executive coaching, can be conducted by telephone.

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How will I be invoiced?

    Our terms and conditions vary depending on the type of service being provided; however, each proposal will spell out the options and responsibilities of both client and consultant. Options are billed on a project basis and payments are due in advance according to a billing schedule included with each accepted proposal. In some cases, expenses are projected and billed as part of the project fee and in other cases they are paid separately as incurred.

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