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Transleadership Individual and Organizational Assessments


    Match culture with strategic objectives. If an organization wants to increase their ability to reach strategic objectives, they must understand how their culture supports or detracts from the actions necessary to achieve their goals. An organizational assessment, based on quantitative data, can enable a company to determine the difference between its current culture and its desired culture. This information can then be used to design interventions for cultural change. Some organizational assessments also focus on the effectiveness of teamwork in the team environment and thus allow teams to get feedback and shift their behaviors for maximum effectiveness.


    Individual assessments help individual leaders to review their personal styles and leadership strengths and development needs against the success competencies and goals of the company. Individual assessments include self-report measures of style and preference as well as 360 measurements of leadership styles and behavior. The 360 tools solicit feedback from key co-workers, bosses, direct reports, clients, other observers, and sometimes friends and family members. Through the individual assessment process, leaders can check goodness of fit between themselves and the organization and can also target specific areas for development.

    By measuring organizational and individual competencies against the desired success competencies needed to accomplish company business goals, the company and individual leaders are able to conduct a strength inventory and gap analysis of individual and company-wide development needs. Such a strength inventory and gap analysis enables a company to build on strengths and implement appropriate leadership development interventions. Interventions range from individual leadership development to large-scale system changes to enhance individual and corporate ability to achieve strategic objectives.

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100% customized consulting and training aligns organizations around common language, concepts and leadership models, and provides an organizational road map for large or small-scale culture change.