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Transleadership About Us

As executive leadership development consultants, we build trust by guaranteeing meaningful and comprehensive results. We partner with you to better understand and define the specific challenges facing your organization.

Dr. Karen Y. Wilson-Starks, Ph.D., President and CEO

Dr. Wilson-Starks, a Clinical Psychologist, specializes in leadership transformations. Her expertise is in executive assessment, developmental coaching, and small group facilitation with senior leadership teams. She also specializes in organizational development consulting, board development, and designing and delivering customized leadership development programs for clients. Dr. Wilson-Starks regularly leads diverse teams of clients and consultants through comprehensive leadership development processes and interventions.

As an adjunct and full time faculty member of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) for more than ten years, Dr. Wilson-Starks also trains and provides feedback for a variety of CCL courses including the Leadership Development Program (LDP), The African-American Leadership Program (ALP), Leadership at the Peak (LAP) for CEO level executives, Leadership of High Performance Teams (LPT), and Developing the Strategic Leader (DSL). In addition, she trains and develops new CCL trainers and feedback specialists as needed. In her nearly five years as Chief Assessor at CCL, she hired, trained, and developed a consulting staff of more than 40 Ph.D.- level psychologists. She also trained and certified the Colorado staff on a variety of professional assessment instruments.

She holds active memberships in the American Psychological Association (APA), The Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi), the Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM), and the Christian Management Association. Dr. Wilson-Starks also served as an Army officer and psychologist and was appointed as Clinical Director of the Cadet Counseling Center at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York as well as other key positions in other locations.

Dr. Wilson-Starks is on the Board of Directors for Global Christian University based in Brandon, Mississippi and the Advisory Board of the Colorado School of Professional Psychology. She believes knowledge, truth, and spiritual resources enhance leadership excellence. To this end, TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC. is developing assessment tools to help leaders better evaluate the spiritual or values-based character of their leadership.

TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC. listens to your concerns and goals and analyzes your organizational needs before suggesting any course of action. Our focus is always on providing practical solutions with measurable results.